Olympic Weightlifting Training With Commentary By Greg Everett - 9

Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team training with commentary by team coach Greg Everett. Snatch, snatch pull, snatch deadlift, clean & jerk, back squat.

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April 4 2014
Loving the vids with commentary. Just watched all nine! Doing the current cycle now, albeit running one week behind. As a newer lifter without adequate thoracic flexibility, would it be appropriate for me to go from behind the neck on overhead assistance lifts (would only apply to push press, thus far). IIRC, you mentioned in vid 4 or 5 you like to program BTN earlier in the cycle.
Greg Everett
December 5 2014
Richard -

BTN will be helpful as long as your immobility isn't so great that it's painful or forces you to actually flex and extend your upper back during the movement.