Shit Weightlifter Girls Say

A look at life through the eyes of female weightlifters.

Aimee & Jessica 2012-06-29
We laughed so hard we almost peed.
Jessica C. 2012-07-02
That S**T was perfect! Idk why we always have to pee so much lmfao!
"She totally stole my platform swag", just too funny.
Big G 2012-07-03
PuzzleBuilder 2012-07-03
Im using these lines next time i lift! Awesome job girls. " these weights suck, the wont even let me squat them" along with "why are you streching" were amongst my favorites. I will NOT. Be doing the running man as a wrm up.
ironmikeestrada 2013-01-24
i watch this about 3 times a week, too funny and not bad to look at either.
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