Error Correction Order for Olympic Weightlifting

Remember that every aspect of a lift is influenced by what you did previously—errors earlier in the lift create errors later in the lift.
You’re going to struggle to correct problems out of order, so don’t waste time trying to fix something you can’t fix because it’s caused by something else you’re ignoring.
For example, if the bar is far away in your pull under in the snatch, you can practice and train better upper body mechanics until they’re perfect, and it won’t make one bit of difference if the actual reason the bar is far away is that you’re smackapulting it out with your hips as you finish the pull.
You’re trying to correct a symptom instead of the problem—it’ll never work.
Start with the first and the worst—that is, prioritize the most fundamental, glaring and earliest errors. Not only will you be able to correct them better, you’ll find that their correction will help resolve subsequent errors.

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