Stronger Grip With No Extra Training

If your grip is a weak point for your lifts, here’s how to get it as strong as you need without reducing the weight you’re lifting, or adding a single extra minute to your workouts.
First, progressively reduce your use of straps and use a hook grip instead.
Start with slower and lighter exercises like RDLs, then deadlift variations, and eventually lifts with acceleration like pulls.
In each stage, eliminate straps for as many sets as you can, even if it’s only warm-up sets initially.
Next, eliminate straps completely from any snatch or clean variations—yes, including multiple-rep hang lifts. Again, do this incrementally starting with as many warm-up sets as you can manage.
Finally, start reducing your use of the hook grip with your pulling exercises like you did straps—start with the easier exercises and warm-ups and progress as strength increases.
You can also warm up for snatch and clean variations without the hook grip, and eliminate it completely from any lighter technique work you do during the week.

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