The Bounce - Using Elastic Energy For The Clean & Squat In Olympic Weightlifting

The bounce is the use of elastic rebound to recovery more quickly and easily from the clean or squat.

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Shane Gough
February 20 2017
Should you train a "bounce" with the back squat or no? [With the mindset of: the purpose of back squats is to get your legs stronger] Because I have tend to really bounce out of the hole with my back squat and I have been contemplating whether this is wrong or not.

I think theres a difference, depending on the lifter, between a bounce and a stretch reflex. For example, a lifter with a skinny stature and lots of flexibility (like me) can bounce or use that stretch reflex. It's also my understanding that I would have to pull my hips back a little bit in the squat in order to get that stretch reflex. And I have a narrow squat stance so I think I would have to widen it too, right? On the other hand, larger lifters with leg mass that don't have the best flexibility (not saying that big strong people are all not flexible) may have no choice but to utilize the stretch reflex because they don't have the mobility to bounce off their calfs. Well, they may have the mobility but it may cause some extra wear/tear on the ankles/shins from hitting the ligaments/joints so often. This is just my opinion though.

I weigh 165 and I back squat 325 with narrow stance and mean bounce. I know for a fact that: with a wider stance using a stretch reflex and not going down as far my squat is significantly less, but that also may be because I never consistently train it that way. I'm really torn on this because it'll feel like I'm taking 47 step backwards in order to take 1 step forward again. My ego will also be hit too. Let's admit it, we all have a little bit of ego to prevail haha. If you can help me with this or let me know what you think it'd really help me out! Love all your content, articles, and youtube videos thanks so much!