Episode 9
Pulling Under the Snatch & Clean, Training with Limited Time & Recovery Methods
November 8 2016
Greg & Ursula discuss how to improve speed under the snatch and clean, programming suggestions for training with very limited time, and recovery methods.

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Don 2016-11-08
Podcast not working!?
Works now at least.

Greg Everett
Russell 2016-11-10
Brilliant podcast
Ed 2016-11-11
Great episode; especially the speed under the bar analysis and tips. Thank you.

In the recovery section, Greg made a passing remark about hypertrophy and lifting more weights, suggesting (I'm paraphrasing here) that more muscle did not equate to lifting heavier as it was more about neurological development, and that is why lifters could remain in the same weight class for years and still have their totals go up.

Could you expand on this? I'm 188 and 84kg and am constantly told to move up to around 100, which seems to make sense: bigger = stronger. Can I remain a tall, skinny (relatively speaking) lifter and still hope to post respectable if not record breaking totals if I put the work in, but not the weight on?
More muscle means, at the very least, more potential strength. In other words, if you have one muscle with larger cross-sectional area than another, and both are equal in all other respects (e.g. fiber number, fiber type composition, training, etc.), the larger muscle will produce more force. BUT if you are in the weight class appropriate for your height and are lean, building bigger muscles isn't an option anyway. If you're not lean, or too light for your height, then hypertrophy should be a goal.

Greg Everett
Ed 2016-11-11
Thanks Greg. I guess I do need to eat and squat more after all.
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