Episode 7
Barbell-Hip Contact, Complexes & Overhead Squat Mobility
October 11 2016
The issue of barbell contact with the hips in the snatch is tackled once more, and Greg & Ursula discuss the use and purposes of complexes, and mobility in the overhead squat.

Chris Jones 2016-10-12
Another great episode, thank you! I like to tell my lifters that (regarding the ankles), you need to do some real work to encourage adaptation in that joint; a daily effort to spend several minutes in the squatting ankle stretch position is a good start, as doing a a few ankle stretches against the wall before lifting simply isn't enough attention to someone with ankles that won't allow for an upright torso in a squat.
DA 2016-10-20
What is that vacuum-like sound that keeps going off in the background? It's been happening on all your podcasts and it's driving me nuts! It's a shame because I really like your show.
You can make it go away by buying Ursula a new computer. Weightlifting Life = Weightlifting Budget.

Greg Everett
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