Episode 53
Bar Contact & Path in Snatch, Clean Fear, Poaching, Training Journals
June 26 2019
Looping bar path in the snatch, fear of heavy cleans, gym/team ethics and poaching, what to put in a training journal

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June 26 2019
WOW ! Thank you for taking the time out for the podcasts. Means a lot to us
June 29 2019
Mike Mc Donald
June 29 2019
Liked your episode , listened to during w/o today. ethics and poaching was very good, Fear of cleans also, once you got to Snickers I knew that you two are not only up to date on lifting , but there is still some old school things you have kept. Snickers has always been the meet energy food for me and my lifters for over 50 years. I can remember Ursula trying to beet Melanie G back at the nationals we put on in Fresno back in 95 did she use Snickers then?. I have not listened to all of your episodes are there any on fear of heavy jerks or any on the mental aspect of lifting?
I don't think we've covered fear in the jerk specifically, but honestly I could be forgetting.

I cleaned out some drawers in my office the other day because they were full of lifting gear I didn't need in there anymore, and found a snickers bar - haven't competed in 4 years, but still had one ready to go just in case.

Greg Everett
August 8 2019
Another awesome podcast by two great people with great minds. I would appreciate your opinion on something. I've started training for MMA fighting, and I would like to know if you believe athletes,(like fighters), would benefit more from the power movements, power clean etc. or should they be doing the clean and snatch as intended, pulling down into a squat? I'm getting varied opinions on this. Also, I enjoy following a traditional program like you lay out. Trying to train as much as possible as though I'm going to be competing in Olympic Weightlifting, with my sparring and grappling taking first priority. Would you recommend something different? I'm sort of at a loss as where to go with my Olympic lifting from here. I appreciate your time in reading this. Thank you for creating this awesome resource for people like me.

Best regards,