Episode 52
Proportions, Weight Class, Powering Snatches, Bar Contact Noise & Timing
June 5 2019
Proportions and how they influence potential as a lifter; choosing a weight class based on height; what to do if you power all of your snatches; bar rattling with contact and timing in the lifts.

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June 6 2019
Mike Youssef
June 6 2019
I enjoy listening to your podcasts, this is only the 2nd one I've heard. I get so much great info from your site, Greg! Thanks for all your effort!
Nancy Colfer
June 7 2019
I LOVE listening to your podcasts!! The wealth of your combined knowledge and experience is priceless! So often the topics covered are exactly what I needed to hear and I learn so much each time. The dynamic between Greg and Ursula makes the discussion especially entertaining (bonus!) Thank you both for all the work and dedication you put into these.
Stephen Parmentier
June 9 2019
I have listened to all your podcasts. Keep cussing!!!!!!!
June 17 2019
I strongly prefer the profane version
Therese Fessenden
June 20 2019
Swear your ass off please!
November 22 2019
profane is sane