Episode 50
Excessive Mobility, Floor vs Hang, Receiving Lifts Low, Weight Gain
December 13 2018
How much mobility do you really need for weightlifting, and is more a problem? Instability and lack of control snatching from the floor relative to hang; should you receive your lifts as low as possible? How to gain some weight for skinny people.

Garry 2018-12-13
Every podcast is a priceless nugget of no BS information. Thankyou.
Joyce 2018-12-15
Congrats with your 50th podcast. You made it!! Loved this one as always.
Nancy Colfer 2018-12-16
Congrats on #50! Greg and Ursula, your podcasts are great! Always informative and always fun. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time.
Scott V 2018-12-20
But Greg, it isn’t Herb & Peaches either! Thanks so much for your podcasts.
Skye 2018-12-23
Fucking love it
Brittany Foley 2019-02-19
Y’all gotta step up and give the people some new podcasts mmmkay think of your fans but also congrats on hitting #50 #longtimelistenerfirsttimecaller
Sasha Rodriguez 2019-04-20
Great episode
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