Episode 50
Excessive Mobility, Floor vs Hang, Receiving Lifts Low, Weight Gain
December 13 2018
How much mobility do you really need for weightlifting, and is more a problem? Instability and lack of control snatching from the floor relative to hang; should you receive your lifts as low as possible? How to gain some weight for skinny people.

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December 13 2018
Every podcast is a priceless nugget of no BS information. Thankyou.
December 15 2018
Congrats with your 50th podcast. You made it!! Loved this one as always.
Nancy Colfer
December 16 2018
Congrats on #50! Greg and Ursula, your podcasts are great! Always informative and always fun. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time.
Scott V
December 20 2018
But Greg, it isn’t Herb & Peaches either! Thanks so much for your podcasts.
December 23 2018
Fucking love it
Brittany Foley
February 19 2019
Y’all gotta step up and give the people some new podcasts mmmkay think of your fans but also congrats on hitting #50 #longtimelistenerfirsttimecaller
Sasha Rodriguez
April 20 2019
Great episode