Episode 49
Hips Up in the Squat, Sliding Back in Push Press, Shoulder Rehab & Power Position
October 3 2018
How to fix the hips rising faster than the shoulders in the squat, why you slide backward in the push press and how to fix it, Ursula wants to know about Greg's rehab after shoulder dislocation and supra/labrum tear, and what the power position is and why it matters.

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George Chalkiopoulos
October 3 2018
Make it to 100 guys!!! Don't quit!!!
Katt Howell
October 4 2018
Agreed, DO NOT stop at 50!
October 17 2018
I have issues with my pull, when the barbell pass the knee i tend to go up on my toes, cut the legs short and finish the pull with a back lean. After the bar has passed the knee, my pelvic goes into posterior pelvic tilt(the ppt issue is also seen in the dip for the jerk, even if it has gotten better while focusing on whole foot contact, knees out(moderate)) is this an issue of weak hip flexors and glutes or just an technical error?
November 22 2018