Episode 47
Cues vs Technique vs Strength & The New Bodyweight Classes
July 25 2018
What to do when cues aren't working - do you need more technique work or more strength? And the obligatory discussion of the new weight classes.

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July 30 2018
Can you discuss why an athletes feet might slip/shuffle backwards after the explosion in snatch/clean pulls and push presses?
August 8 2018
Hey Greg! Loving the content. You guys are fucking great. Got a quick question for you. On all my cleans and snatches my left foot winds up being placed with its toes much more turned out and canted to the left then my right foot. And when I bring it back in in the bottom of a squat it seems to fight to turn its toes back out. Any ideas you have or corrective exercises would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man!
Could be a lot of things all the way from the hip to the ankle. Best best is to work with a PT or chiro who understands weightlifting to try to diagnose. Short of that, I'd be doing extra ankle and hip mobility work and plenty of single leg exercises like 1-leg RDLs, step-ups, etc.

Greg Everett
Jason Li
August 14 2018
Hi Greg, Great content as always. A bit of an unrelated question to this specific podcast but what product do you recommend using to clean a barbell shaft / knurl / sleeves (not lubricate). I tried searching through the site as well as researching the topic and I think the general solution is either 3-in-1 oil or WD-40. Curious to get your feedback!
If it's simple cleaning, I'd stick to a wire brush. If you have to get rust off that the brush won't handle on its own, you'll have to try something more, but that would depend on if it's chromed, bare steel, stainless, etc., and I'm definitely not an expert on that. I've always had chromed Werksan, Eleiko, ZKC, etc bars and done nothing but very occasional wire brush (like every few years if that). If there's a bit of rust here and there, I honestly don't care. Doesn't affect the performance of the bar at all.

Greg Everett
August 28 2018
Dear Greg and Ursula,

I really do love your work and everything you do around weightlifting. This one is more tip for a one topic to cover. I tried to search Catalyst website but I havent found this topic and I guess it might be interesting for more coaches/weightlifters.

I got a new athlete for coaching and I would love to hear your opinion.

Briefly: she is a best Czech weightlifter, competing at international level (this year 8th at European Championship), due to the fact that here is not a financial support for weightlifters she has to keep a regular job. And here is the problem: she works as a nurse in irregular day/night shifts. I, as a coach, see it as a problem and I struggle how to structure her training. She is not able to maintain high volume and intensity. She is getting tired pretty often and she is having often small injuries. I blame night shifts, but maybe I am wrong. She started in her job 9 months ago, having 4-8 night shifts and 4-8 day shifts a month.

The question is: night and irregular shifts and competitive weightlifting, can this work togehter or is it impossible combination?

Thank you thousand times,
best regards,