Episode 46
Redoing Workouts, Coach Changes, Jumping Forward in the Snatch, Limited Equipment Training, Getting Coaching at Meets
June 27 2018
Redoing workouts and why you shouldn't, changing coaches, what to do if you're jumping forward in the snatch, how to train with very limited equipment, and how to get coaching help at a competition if you don't have a coach.

A.J. Borja 2018-06-27
Thanks for the great pod casts. This episode in particular covered every topic I had questions on.
Amanda 2018-06-29
I'm in the same boat as Vanna, heading to AO3 for the first time... Ursula Greg takers? ;-)
I'm planning to be there for only one athlete, and I'm not sure my schedule yet. If I'm there and available, I can help.

Greg Everett
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