Episode 45
Raised Heels, Awkward Foot Position & Garage Gym Outfitting
June 6 2018
Whether or not raising the heels for overhead squats because of limited ankle ROM is a good idea, how to correct awkward foot position in receiving the snatch or clean, and ideas on outfitting a garage gym.

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June 8 2018
I love these Podcasts you two do! Please keep them coming. I'm a big fan of you guys!
June 13 2018
Hey Greg and Ursula! I love the podcast, you two are awesome to say the least. I have a weird issue with my squat that hopefully you guys can shine some light on. I've been Olympic lifting for a year now, and the other day at the gym one of my teammates was watching me squat and said that my bar was tipping dramatically to my right side. I've never felt any tilt whatsoever in my squats but I started taking videos of my squat and I do have a extremely pronounced tilt of the bar to my right. I also seem to have a hip shift to the right and drive up and out of my squats to the right. Just as a quick background on my injuries, I had ACL reconstructive surgery on my right knee back in October of 2016. And I have developed pain in the left side of my neck that goes down into my shoulder and elbow. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
You're a mess! The bar tipping is most likely coming from your trunk and/or shoulders, i.e. one shoulder is more restricted, and since you're having neck pain, something is definitely going on in the neck/upper back/shoulders. The shifting would be lower body of course. For that I'd recommend some more unilateral work, in particular Bulgarian split squats and step-ups, and pause squats in which you stay really focus on driving equally with both legs - you can also do a slow eccentric on the squats, but you would need a mirror or a buddy to ensure you're balanced or you'll likely shift and just reinforce the problem. For the upper body stuff, I would see someone who can try to diagnose the source and give you some recommended fixes.

Greg Everett
June 15 2018
Thanks Greg! I'll get to work! Really appreciate it.