Episode 4
Dizziness, Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Accessory Work & Squat Depth
August 30 2016
Your favorite podcasters are extra surly in this episode, answering questions about dizziness and passing out during lifts, using powerlifting and bodybuilding accessory work in weightlifters' training programs, the proper depth for training squats, and what to do when you've ruined your program by going on vacation.

Article on dizziness/unconsciousness in the lifts

Article on bodybuilding accessory work

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August 30 2016
Really informative and fun (fun is important, if I only want the dry facts I'll get it from a faster medium e.g. books or articles) podcast you are doing. I really like your dynamics and perspectives plus the fact that your respective biterness is like soothing balm to my ears.

(I beg pardon for any gramatical mistakes as I'm not a native speaker.)
Ryan Seymour
August 31 2016
I think it's worth mentioning that the Valsalva maneuver itself directly stimulates the Vagus nerve. If you're using this technique and you're also feeling dizzy when you lift, it wouldn't surprise me if it was the reason why.

The Valsalva doesn't just increase intra-abdominal pressure, it also increases intra-thoracic pressure. This compresses major veins and arteries moving blood to/from the heart. You initially get a jump in heart rate and pressure to compensate for the decrease in cardiac output. When you exhale and release the Valsalva, you get sudden filling of the aorta. Intra-aortic pressure rises and stimulates the Vagus nerve in order to bring down the heart rate. Then you hit the floor.
I was under the impression that I covered all of that.

Greg Everett
August 31 2016
I'll take my statistically insignificant chances with a new question:

Lifting while pregnant/soon after child: yes or no? The claims that hormones (relaxin and/or progesterone) cause joint laxity which makes lifting dangerous: bullshit or no? More generally: do you believe that lifters with more lax joints (whether related to pregnancy or not) are more injury prone?