Episode 34
Hypertrophy vs Conditioning, Fatigue & Technique, Short Jerk Split, Training Logs
October 24 2017
Where hypertrophy and higher rep training fits into a weightlifting program, technique falling apart as fatigue sets in at the end of a workout, fixing a short split as jerk weights increase, and physical training logs vs smart phone apps.

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November 1 2017
Thanks for another informative episode.

A couple of questions from someone new to weightlifting regarding training logs. Firstly, do you have any recommended links to excel spreadsheet templates, that would cut the crap, and feature just the relevant information as discussed?

Secondly, what would normally be the catalyst for consulting a training log? Progress stalling? End of a training cycle? I ask as I see many people keeping a log, which is then never referenced!

Once again, thanks for all the valuable information you guys put out.
I use an excel doc I made - I would suggest doing the same because you know exactly what metrics you need/want. Google will help you find any formulas you may want to include to calculate things like weights or %s.

Consulting logs to see progress and rate of progress, to find patterns with when progress occurs, slows, increases, stalls, etc. and correlate that to programming and factors outside the gym, to refine things like volume and avg intensity to discover what works best for the athlete, etc.

Greg Everett