Episode 32
How to Test 1RMs, No-Contact Snatches & Finding The Ideal Starting Position with Long Legs
September 26 2017
How to work up to test 1RM, how to determine the best starting position for the snatch with long legs, and the purpose of no-contact snatches.

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Jean-Benoit Larouche
September 26 2017
Hi, thanks again for the podcast. I found something interesting regarding Ursula comment on finding the ideal starting position section. She mentionned at some point that she would definitly use a strong back in a lifter. I have much stronger back than my legs (squats are still my priority but still, I pull much more than I squat), so if I understand correctly, I should experiment and see if I can generate more force by raising the hips a little bit in my starting position? Right now I am aiming at having my shoulders and elbows pretty much on top of the bar, which makes my hips, I would say, at knee level, or a little bit lower.

Thanks in advance,

Yes, you can try a starting position in which your hips are a little higher than your knees as long as it's not pushing your shoulders dramatically forward of the bar.

Greg Everett
Jean-Benoit Larouche
September 27 2017
Thank you Greg. I'll try it out for sure, I do feel I deploy more power from higher hips but I wasn't sure it was good technique.