Episode 31
Double Days, Training Volume, Olympic Lifts in CrossFit
September 12 2017
When lifters should begin training twice daily and how to structure that, how to calculate and prescribe training volume, including accessory work, how to coach the Olympic lifts to CrossFitters who use different technique in metCons than they would for the lifts in isolation.

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September 12 2017
Hey! The podcast doesn't seem to be working on the website for me. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
Marcia Gomes
September 12 2017
This episode doesn't play on the website; and it's not available on iTunes or my other podcast feeds :(
Greg Everett
September 13 2017
It's been fixed.
September 13 2017
Hi Greg and Ursula! Huge thank you for your job in this podcast. I am a crossfit coach. I started crossfit several years ago in Ukraine. And Olympic lifts are one of most technically demanding things in Crossfit. Your books and the website are well known even in Ukraine. Regardless we have a great post Soviet Union school in this area. You created awesome source for selfeducation which can be used worldwide. And smartest and the most educated majority of my colleagues use your books, programs and website many years. I do it constantly and it helped me tremendously. I live and train now in LA, California. And use even your language to couch here )). Podcast in particular helps me with details related to our job, new ideas and data. All this make my athletes better. And hopefully my work becomes more proficient because you share your experience so generously. So keep up this great job! Would be great to hear something about using waives in training (purpose, prerequisites etc). Thank you so much!