Episode 3
Olympic Selection, Drug Testing & Building Work Capacity
August 16 2016
Greg & Ursula lead off with an explanation of the athlete selection process for the Olympics to explain why we're sending the athletes we are and why we have the number of slots we do. Related is the issue of the drug testing 6-month rule that was recently reinstated by USA Weightlifting. Finally, the two discuss how weightlifters can try to build work capacity without the use of PEDs, which of course wanders somewhat into discussions of elements of program design.

Michael Bejarano 2016-08-16
Are you guys on itunes yet?
We've been on iTunes since the first episode... there's an iTunes link right next to where you posted this question...

Greg Everett
Brandon S 2016-08-19
To piggyback on your Olympic selection/drug testing discussion, are you guys going to talk about any of the Olympic lifters' performances? Specifically, any comments on Mohamed Mahmoud's response to questions about Nijat Rahimov's surprising win in the 77kg class? Thanks. This podcast is awesome btw, keep up the good work!
I'm sure we will at some point

Greg Everett
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