Episode 29
Knee Position in the Snatch, Pushing Knees Back in the Pull, Feet Stuck in the Snatch, Deadlifting
August 15 2017
Whether or not it's a concern to use a wide, knees-inside-the-feet receiving position for the snatch; trouble with pushing the knees too far back in the pull; not being able to move the feet when pulling under heavy snatches; what role deadlifts play in weightlifting training.

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Edgar Molinos
August 15 2017
Hi Greg,

Thank you for sharing this episode 29 also with Ursula which I took her level 1 coaching course in Hawaii on Aug 12-13th. listening to all the questions and with Ursula and your answers will help me to communicate and teach the beginner lifters the right and safer way to lift. Again thank you and to Ursula.