Episode 25
IOC Ultimatum, Best Overhead Stability Exercises, Elbows Rebending Overhead
June 20 2017
Discussion of the IOC's decision to reduce the number of weightlifters in the Olympics and the doping problem, the best overhead stability exercises for the snatch and jerk, and how to fix the elbows rebending after receiving the snatch or jerk.

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Peter Russell
June 21 2017
We are still listening, keep going:)
Randy Long, Reality Workouts
June 22 2017
One other movement I have found helpful for overhead shoulder stability is Gironda Presses, originated by bodybuilding guru Vince Gironda. It's basically a two dumbbell alternating DB Press, where you start with both DBs overhead, then lower one while the other stays up, alternating arms each rep. Sets of 5-8 reps works well. Similar in function to the the overhead DB support walk, but more dynamic since it involves a press in addition to the overhead support.
Jean-Benoit Larouche
September 12 2017
Hi! First thanks a lot for the podcast, I am my own weightlifting coach and all the experience and information I can get from your podcasts helps me alot to solve my problem. I would like to ask just one question: I Snatch Pull 300 lbs, Back Squat 315 lbs, my goal is to Snatch 225 lbs. I can barely Snatch balance 155 lbs, wihtout pain in my left shoulder. Because of this pain, I am totally afraid to get under 225 lbs, even if I can pull the shit out of it. My assumption is that I need to prioritize upper body work, stability& mobility work for my left shoulder then work on the Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat complex that you proposed. Do you think it's the right way to go? Thanks a lot again for the cast.

If there is pain, you need to figure out why - I would find a medical professional. It may be an issue of immobility or instability, but it may be something else that needs to be addressed to avoid becoming an injury.

Greg Everett
Jean-Benoit Larouche
September 13 2017
Thanks Gregg. I went to see a PT and her hypothesis is basically that I have weak lower trap on the left side and also low reaction time on left shoulder. All aroudn, I would say that I need on constructing some upper body muscles and leave the leg work for some weeks. I shall focus on push presses, one dumbell presses and Yates rows for the lower traps. Any other idea would be greatly appreciated.
October 26 2017
I've been thinking about the narrative that I've bought into for a while that American/western athletes are only lifting less than eastern counterparts due to 'supplemental' assistance. But it's getting a bit awkward now that American records are falling and certain American athletes are competing at just about eastern 'assisted' standard...any thoughts?
77kg American Record Total - 342.5 kg
77kg World Record Total - 380 kg

58kg American Record Total - 208 kg
58kg World Record Total - 252 kg

And all other weight classes have similar disparities. You're seeing that as getting "just about" the same?

Greg Everett
October 27 2017
Thanks for the reply Greg. I should've been more specific sorry but don't want to throw names out there as that's not fair on athletes. My comment was more in reference to young athletes coming through who are placing in international competitions. It's all good and well to say they are freaks of nature and exceptional athletes but surely the people they're competing against are also?