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It’s OTM not EMOM

12 weeks   |   $29   |   Web, Text, Excel

This is a 12-week cycle that relies on On The Minute work for all competition lifts and variants. It peaks in week 12 for competition or max snatch and clean & jerk testing, but also has many opportunities for heavy single competition lifts.
Good For:
  • Competition preparation
  • Competition lift technique and consistency
Notes: OTM means each set is started exactly 1 minute after the previous set is started, NOT 1 minute of rest betweet sets.

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Anas Aloum
June 23 2019
What’s the advantage of OTM work out training?
Primarily it greatly improves technical consistency and secondarily helps prevent overthinking (arguably related to the former).

Greg Everett
Odysseas Papacheimonas
August 22 2019
On a non-HS Saturday . If I feel good can i go heavier? And HS = 1-3 misses? Thank you!!
Odysseas - It would be best to stick to the progam.

Alyssa Sulay
Odysseas Papacheimonas
September 23 2019
I m very pleased with this program and love the otm system. What program to follow next to continue the improvement?
Odysseas - That is always a tough question to answer. What are your goals? Have you had a chance to look over the programs to see what you might like next?

Alyssa Sulay
Guido Ansem
February 6 2020
Is it okay to move the Saturday workout to Fridays or will this result in not enough recovery between sessions?
Guido - You can, your body might just be a little beat up, but it is possible.

Alyssa Sulay