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Trim the Fat

8 weeks   |   $29   |   Web, Text, Excel, App

This is a relatively low-volume but focused training cycle. It will allow for some modification and additions based on your training needs primarily on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Good For:
  • Lifters who need relatively low volume
  • Lifters who want to combine this program with additional training

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Ana Savolainen
June 1 2017
I am almost finished with this program and I really liked it a lot because it has allowed me to continue my conditioning with CrossFit. The issue I am having is shoulder pain with overhead movements, especially with the snatch. I had an MRI and it revealed an impingement of my rotator cuff tendon. My question is, are there other exercises I can substitute for the snatch, jerk, and press until I heal? I want to buy my next program, but I need to be able to modify the movements that are causing pain. Any recommendations?
For snatches, you can substitute pulls, high pulls or variations; for jerks, you can do dip squats, dips, drives, drop to split, walk to split, etc. based on what you need to work on.

Greg Everett
Josh Nix
February 28 2018
Looks like a fun program. Thanks Greg!
Sonora Venables
March 26 2020
What does RM stand for? I.e. RM-1+1+1
Sonora - RM = Rep Max

Alyssa Sulay