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Amy's Breakout

11 weeks   |   $29   |   Web, Text, Excel

This is an 11-week cycle that will end in a peak for competition or max snatch and clean & jerk testing. The first phase focuses primarily on leg strength and overhead strength and stability. The second phase continues a focus on strength with a little more emphasis on the competition lifts. The third phase prepares for competition.

"Just finished this program, and it might be the most successful and effective program that I have ever done!" - David M.

Good For:
  • Leg strength
  • Overhead strength and stability
  • Competition preparation

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Sample Week

Week 1 Day 1 Monday
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  • Back Squat – 70%x4, 70%x7, 70%x10, 70%x4, 70%x7, 70%x10
  • Clean + Power Jerk + Clean + Jerk (hold last jerk 5 sec in split) – 70% x 1+1+1+1, 75% x 1+1+1+1 x 6
  • Clean Pull – 100%x4x3
  • Weighted Sit-up - 3 x 10-15
Amy’s Breakout – week 1 of 11

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Week 1 Day 2 Tuesday
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  • Snatch from Power Position – 70%x2, 75%x2x5
  • Drop Snatch (% of snatch) – 50%x3x5
  • SLDL (% of BS) – 55%x5x3
  • A1. Weighted Planks - 3 x 30sec max
  • A2. 1-Arm Farmer’s walk – 3x50m

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Week 1 Day 3 Wednesday
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  • Power Jerk + Jerk (5 sec hold overhead on last rep) – 70% x 2+1, 75% x 2+1, 80% x 2+1 x 4
  • Push Press Bnk – 75%x6x4
  • Walking Lunge - 3 x 10/leg
  • A1. Crunches - 3 x max
  • A2. 2-arm OH carry – 3x50m

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Week 1 Day 4 Thursday
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  • Front Squat (stop slightly short of actual max) (% of RM) – 4RM, 85%x4, 90%x4, 80%x Max Reps
  • Snatch Pull + Snatch -  70% x 2+1, 75% x 2+1 x 6
  • Snatch Pull – 100%x4x3
  • Jack Knife - 3 x 15-30

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Week 1 Day 5 Friday
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Rest Day

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Week 1 Day 6 Saturday
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  • Pause Front Squat + Pause Jerk Dip Squat (3 sec) – 75% x 3+3 x 4
  • Snatch – 70% x 1, 75% x 1, 80% x 1, 85% x 1, 85% x 1 x 2
  • Clean & Jerk (3 sec hold in split, 3 sec hold after recovery) – 70% x 1+1, 75% x 1+1, 80% x 1+1, 85% x 1+1, 85% x 1+1 x 2
  • A1. Snatch Grip Overhead Bar Carry - 3 x 50m
  • A2. Weighted Planks – 3x30-60sec
Increase bold weights if you feel good to a max of 90%.

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Week 1 Day 7 Sunday
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Rest Day

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Patrick Valdez
February 9 2017
This program looks GREAT for what I need. That said, if I can only do 3 days/week, which days should I prioritize?

Thanks so much for the programming!
Monday, Thursday and Saturday

Greg Everett
David Mikel
April 30 2017
Just finished this program, and it might be the most successful and effective program that I have ever done! Worked really well for me due to my weak jerk, and snatch went up a lot as well.
Gregory Pando
May 14 2017
Hey guys - on the Web program you seem to repeat the first week which makes the program 12 weeks...

On the text only version the program is 11 weeks and Week 1 does not repeat.

Seems like the text is accurate. because week 4 also happens to be a slight deload. Can you confirm the text is spot on?

Gregory - Go off what the text version of the program says. 

Alyssa Sulay
William Knowlin
June 4 2017
How should I restructure this program to 5 days a week M-F?
William - you can change the rest days so they hit on Saturday and Sunday. It will make day 5 a little tough, but give that a shot and see how it goes.

Alyssa Sulay
Rob Whyte
November 2 2017
What does BnK stand for? Is it behind the neck?
Rob - Yes, it means behind the neck. 

Alyssa Sulay
Derek Dragon
November 6 2017
Just got the program and man am I excited to start it.
Derek Dragon
November 8 2017
On rest days is it ok to do some cardio like a assault bike, rower, or running. Or should I just try to incorporate it on a few of the workout days? Thanks
Derek - If you are going to do anything like that on your rest days, I would keep it low impact and relatively easy. You don't want to add anything too intense because you want your body to be ready for the next day/week. 

Alyssa Sulay
Amie West
January 1 2018
I have 10 weeks until my first weightlifting competition. Is there a good way to adjust this program to 10 instead of 11?
You can start on week 2, it'll just be rough.

Greg Everett
Stefan Glover
January 29 2018
For Monday’s clean and jerk complex, is it off your power jerk or split jerk
Stefan - your split jerk, unless specified otherwise. 

Alyssa Sulay
Hanane Zahrouni
November 17 2018
This programme looks great. I am half way through completing risers, and was thinking of doing this next. Will this help with hip contact in Snatches and Jerks? Thank you
With jerks, definitely. It won't magically make you contact your hips correctly in a snatch, though.

Greg Everett
Angel orlando Fuentes
November 22 2018
Just got the subscription, i am excited to start this program
Justin Parker
November 29 2018
Does SLDL stand for stiff legged dead lift or single leg dead lift? And, for the snatch from PP is that 70% of a full snatch?
Yes, stiff legged deadlift, and yes, all snatch exercises are based on snatch unless otherwise specified, the exception being power snatches, which are based on power.

Greg Everett
Hanane Zahrouni
January 28 2019
Hello, program looks good, but I downloaded the Excel version, which is what I normally do for other programmes, and prefill my PBS, yet it did not translate to all the days in each week: specifically Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you!
The file has been fixed so you can download it again now.

Greg Everett
Charlene Kang
August 15 2020
What adjustments would you make to this program for someone who squat jerks? Specifically, pj+pj+j? Would it be pj+pj+squat jerk? Or pjx3?
PJs all stay the same, and any split jerk becomes a squat jerk.

Greg Everett
Brandon Mann
April 28 2021
Curious about training day priorities... some weeks I will only be able to hit 4 days of the program- if that’s the case which days should I prioritize? Thanks
Tuesday/Wednesday are the less critical days, although I'd choose from everything there and mix as needed when you have to cut a day out rather than just dropping one or the other.

Greg Everett
Jordan Miller
September 5 2021
Does this mean exactly translated: Clean & jerk, clean & jerk (5 sec hold only on last jerk)?

Clean & Jerk - 2(1+1) (hold last jerk 5 sec overhead)

Greg Everett
Robert Lemley
September 22 2021
is it possible to add/download this program to the Train Heroic app
This one is not on TH and likely will not be added, at least not any time soon.

Greg Everett
Jackson Henkle
March 17 2022
On the spreadsheet, some of these sets seem to be written as percentage x reps x sets, instead of the standard percentage x sets x reps. Is this intentional or is it a mistake? For example, week one day one has clean pull - 100%x4x3 and I would assume 4 sets of 3 but the spreadsheet has 3 sets of 4 written down.
weight x reps x sets as explained here

Greg Everett
Jamie Hodder
December 27 2022
Are the squats a % of our 5 or 6 rep max or based off of our 1RM?
All %s are based on 1RM unless otherwise noted (which is virtually never).

Greg Everett
Lisa Honig
January 14 2023
Week 1 Day 5 Pause FS + Pause Jerk Dip squat 3+3 (3 sec) does that mean do 3 pause FS for 3 sec then 3 pause jerk dip squat and thats one set?
Correct - 3 of each (all w 3 sec pauses) = 1 set (6 total reps)

Greg Everett
Elizabeth Berg
February 20 2024
Due to my current work schedule, I have no extra time to workout on Monday and Thursday, is it okay if I make those days my rest days instead of Friday and Sunday?
Yes, that is absoute okay! 

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