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This is a 9-week cycle with 3 3-week mesocycles with 2 loading weeks and 1 unloading week each. It relies primarily on complexes in both the competition lifts and accessory lifts. Intensities are mostly determined by feel rather than prescription, so athletes have a lot of control over how difficult the program is and have a lot of flexibility.

The final mesocycle will peak for competition or snatch and clean & jerk testing. The first 2 mesocycles (6 weeks) can be used without the final mesocycle as a preparatory phase for another more competition lift emphasis cycle as well.

"Snatch went from 230 to 245, Clean and Jerk from 275 to 285, front squat from 305 to 325, and back squat from 365 to 385." - Rick M.

Volume: Moderate
Intensity: Moderate-High (Variable)

Good For:
  • Athletes who need a shorter loading schedule before backing off
  • Building work capacity and stamina
  • Variety
  • % prescriptions following an RM are of that day's RM.

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Jose Javier Alvarez Gomez
February 25 2017
Hi! i dont understand the way i should follow the series you made
2+1+1RM; 90% x 2+1+1 x 2 (% of RM) or- 2+2+3RM its the first time i use then in that way
Jose - what that means is that you would work up to a rep max of the complex (as heavy as you can ffor that complex) then you would calculate what 90% of what you got for that complex and do two sets of that as a back off. For example if the complex is Clean Pull + clean + front squat 2+1+1, you would complete 2 clean pulls then 1 clean then 1 front squat. You can find more information on the notation of the workouts on the help page here

Alyssa Sulay
Jose Javier Alvarez Gomez
February 27 2017
thank you Alyssa, now is clear , the thing that made me struggle to understand it was the 2+1+1RM , that last RM i thought that i should do the complex at my 1 RM max. thanks again .
Rick Moore
November 15 2018
Snatch went from 230 to 245, Clean and Jerk from 275 to 285, front squat from 305 to 325, and back squat from 365 to 385. Great program, thanks for sharing.