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5-Week Squat Bump
5 weeks   |   $25   |   Web, Text, Excel, App

This is a quick 5-week cycle that will help boost your squatting strength.

"Added 25kg to back squat (190kg) and front squat." - Gael

"Back squat went from from 135k / 156 k, snatch 94k / 102 k very happy with this program." - Matthew

Good For:
  • Squat strength
  • Improving postural strength in FS/clean
  • Pulling strength
Notes: Pulling weights can be adjusted up if they feel too light. Lift-offs should be difficult, pulls moderate, and floating halting deadlifts difficult but within your ability to maintain proper positioning and complete back arch.
  • Select weights by feel for technique primers at start of workouts - these should be light, and the emphasis on the precision of the movement, not the weight.
  • For Saturday's heavy single snatch and clean & jerk, give yourself a max of 3 misses before stopping, and never finish on a miss - drop the weight and take a last single to finish on a make.

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