5-Week Squat Bump
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5-Week Squat Bump

5 weeks   |   $25   |   Web, Text, Excel

This is a quick 5-week cycle that will help boost your squatting strength.

"Added 25kg to back squat (190kg) and front squat." - Gael

"Back squat went from from 135k / 156 k, snatch 94k / 102 k very happy with this program." - Matthew

Good For:
  • Squat strength
  • Improving postural strength in FS/clean
  • Pulling strength
Notes: Pulling weights can be adjusted up if they feel too light. Lift-offs should be difficult, pulls moderate, and floating halting deadlifts difficult but within your ability to maintain proper positioning and complete back arch.
  • Select weights by feel for technique primers at start of workouts - these should be light, and the emphasis on the precision of the movement, not the weight.
  • For Saturday's heavy single snatch and clean & jerk, give yourself a max of 3 misses before stopping, and never finish on a miss - drop the weight and take a last single to finish on a make.

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Sample Week

Week 1 Day 1 Monday
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Technique Primer: Tall Snatch - 3 x 3 (light)
  • Snatch - 75%x3x5
  • Jerk - 75%x3x5
  • Back Squat - 75%x3x5
  • Floating Halting Snatch Deadlift (mid-thigh) - 100%x3x3
-Weighted Back Extension - 3x10
-Hanging Leg Raise - 4 x max (30 reps minimum)
-Reverse Crunch - 3 x max

Week 1 of 5

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Week 1 Day 2 Tuesday
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Technique Primer: Press in Snatch - 5, 4, 3 (ascending weights)
  • Power Snatch - 70%x3x5
  • Push Press - 70%x5x5
  • Snatch Pull - 90%x3x5
-Back Extension - 3x15
-Weighted Plank - 4 x 20-30sec
-Standing Plate Twist - 3x15/side

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Week 1 Day 3 Wednesday
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Technique Primer: Tall Clean - 3 x 3 (light)
  • Clean + Jerk Dip - 75% x (3+1) x 5
  • Power Jerk - 75%x3x5
  • Pause Front Squat + Front Squat - 70% x (1+1) x 5
  • Floating Halting Clean Deadlift (mid-thigh) - 100%x3x3
-Weighted Back Extension - 3x10
-Weighted Sit-Up - 4x10
-Crunch - 3 x max

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Week 1 Day 4 Thursday
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Technique Primer: Press in Clean - 5, 4, 3 (ascending weights)
  • Power Clean - 75%x3x5
  • Overhead Squat - 75%x2x5
  • Snatch Push Press - 70%x5x5 (% of snatch)
  • Clean Pull - 90%x3x5
-Back Extension - 3x15
-Weighted Plank - 4 x 20-30sec
-Seated Plate Twist - 3x15/side

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Week 1 Day 5 Friday
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Rest Day

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Week 1 Day 6 Saturday
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Technique Primer: Muscle Snatch - 5, 4, 3 (ascending weights)
  • Snatch - HS
  • Clean & Jerk - HS
  • Back Squat - 80%x3x5
  • Clean Lift-Off - 110%x3x3
-Weighted Back Extension - 3x10
-Hanging Leg Raise - 4 x max (30 reps minimum)
-Sit-Up - 3 x max

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Week 1 Day 7 Sunday
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Rest Day

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August 31 2015

After completing this 5 week program, which program do you recommend to keep improving strength for backsquat, C&J and Snatch?

Thanks! Great program by the way!
You will have to evaluate where you are and choose a program from the training cycles. All the programs will improve or maintain the lifts but it would be wise to choose a program that fits your needs. I might recommend the OTM cycle to improve consistency of your lifts.

Steve Pan
September 5 2015
If i hit a new PR on a heavy single, will my percentage on the succeeding days change? or should i retain the percentage based on my previous PR?
You will take all future percentages off of the new PR that you set. Congrats!

Steve Pan
September 5 2015
Hi, where will i base my percentages on push presses, clean/snatch pulls? thanks!
Push Press will be off of your best Push Press, and the pulls will be off of the associated lift unless otherwise specified.

Steve Pan
September 8 2015
For those who are short on time, would it be acceptable to do back/abs/chins on the rest days instead of after the proper training sessions?
It is not ideal, but that should be okay as long as it doesn't tax you too much for the days after a rest day.

Steve Pan
September 15 2015
Hi, A few months back I downloaded an excel export of one of the leg strength training blocks. Is that option available for programs, such as this?

Can it be purchased?

Thank you!
We are working on improving this portion of the site. The Excel sheets are currently unavailable.

Steve Pan
September 17 2015
Back squat went from from 135k / 156 k, snatch 94k / 102 k very happy with this program.
Jace Carter
November 16 2015
Is 3x2 3 sets of 2 reps or 2 sets of 3 reps?
Descriptions of the notation can be found here.

Steve Pan
Michael McFadden
November 20 2015
Hello, I recently finished my first cycle of this workout and managed to put 12kg on my squat to get to a152kg 1RM a week or so ago. Woohoo :-)

Second cycle/day 6 I think, HS day with BS at 80%x3X5) I've unexpectedly failed and bailed twice on my second set after reps (then quit the rest of my squats for yesterday), but for an odd reason that I don't know what to do about.

I was squatting without a cage and I'm also very inexperienced with dumping the bar off my back (before yesterday I have done it maybe once). Where as normally I would just grind a rep out, without a cage I just freaked myself out somewhat and once I felt a touch of forward lean my mind is consumed with disaster scenarios. Therefore twice yesterday I bailed prematurely with weights I could have lifted WITHIN a cage (would've been tough but I would've got them).

What should I do from here? Should I just repeat that BS 80%x3x5 workout next week? In a few days? Or restart the program entirely?
Work on getting more comfortable with dumping the weight so you know you can perform the exercises safely. I would try to repeat that one and see if you can't push forward after completing that workout. Make sure you are safe!

Steve Pan
Lewis Moulds
December 7 2015
Hi, I've just started following this 5 week squat bump program, I'm trying to include once a week some work for my lower scap's, nothing excessive, band pull apart, wrist at 45 degree pulling etc, as these are a weak point for me, i had been noticing improvements in my lifts after working on this area, when would be best to fit this into the training?

This should be fine for accesory work after training. You may try them before as well to see if it helps you get warm and activated.

Steve Pan
Mike Pawlus
December 9 2015
Just finished this program. Snatch went from 80 to 93kg. Clean & Jerk from 105 to 112kg. But back squat did not move from 143kg (315lb). In my opinion this shouldn't be called squat bump. It was more of a well rounded basic weightlifting program for beginner-intermediates. Squats were not heavy or frequent enough to increase substantially. Good program though! Anyone coming into Olympic lifting or have been lifting for at least a year should attempt this program.
Adrian Ivan
December 15 2015

Enjoying the program so far (wk2, already got a 10kg c&j PR!).

My question is, can I increase my prescribed weight for the Paused FS + FS (1+1)? Because I'm hanging out for like 10-15 seconds in the hole on every set and coming up at a pretty steady speed.

Can I just increase by 2.5kg/session until I notice a drop in bar speed from the pause?
Stick with the weights prescribed. Follow the prescription for 3 second pause.

Steve Pan
Joshua Gardiner
December 28 2015
Hi Team,
today I started this program and day 1 took me nearly 2 hours to complete ?
With the Snatch, Back Squat, Split jerk etc I had to work up to 75% of my current 1rms and then perform 5 working sets at that weight was the biggest time consumer.
Is this normal ?

1.5 - 2 hours is about the time these will take.

Steve Pan
Lewis Moulds
December 28 2015
Currently on week 4 of this program and seeing some good progress, slight increase in the classic lift totals, but mainly the squatting, i feel a lot stronger, and posture is improving no end, and i feel a lot more confident with them.

Just starting to think of which program to head for next? my biggest weaknesses having been squats, and lower back strength (I'm 6'6 so on the taller end of the scale) any recommendations as to what to start looking towards next?

Depending on how this cycle goes and what you have done before it might be good to try the 4-week leg strength block if you want to continue to work on the squat. Otherwise one of the general or classic cycles would be good and adding back work.

Steve Pan
Nicolas Tolaba
January 17 2016
muy bueno , en febrero lo realizo
Scott Enderwick
January 31 2016
After completing this cycle, which I loved, should I repeat it?
If the program worked well it should be okay to give it a second run.

Steve Pan
Alp Aslan Uysal
February 7 2016
Hi Steve. Do you recommend a week off after completing this program before starting another weightlifting routine? Thanks.
You can take a week off if you would like but I wouldn't recommend that. It may be better to take a transition week if you are totally wrecked. Some programs have a week 0, but you can either take 5-10% off of all the work in the first week of a program and treat it like a week 0, or you can go in and work on light technique work and some moderate pulls/squats to keep you moving and get you recovered for the next program. If you are feeling up to it and are good to go you may jump right into the next program.

Steve Pan
Alp Aslan Uysal
February 20 2016
Just finished the program today. My power snatch is increased by 15 pounds to 245 and my power clean is increased 10 pounds to 315 over the last 5 weeks. Good program, now it s time to choose another program and keep increasing the gains!!
Yacat Abcat
March 1 2016

Thanks for uploading this program!

Quick question:
Weeks 4 and 5 prescribe:
Clean & Jerk - 70% x (1+1) ...

Does this just mean Clean & Jerk 1rep?

That is correct. The (1+1) is 1 clean + 1 jerk.

Steve Pan
Kristian Lomeland
March 21 2016
Hi. Just started this program and wondering if it intended that I should go right on the heavy singles on saturdays? -after warmup that is. Or should I start at a lower weight and build up to a heavy single?
You will warm up and work your way up to a heavy single.

Steve Pan
Tobias Suter
March 23 2016
Hey guys, I was wondering if I can still do this programm when I play volleyball once a week (tuesday) and maybe adjust it to 4x/week or something? Because I really like this program. and want to give it a try. Thanks!

You can give this a try but it is not recommended. You will have to feel out what you can do and adjust as needed. You will have to temper your expectations of the results of the program making these adjustments.

Steve Pan
Parker Ewing
April 23 2016
Been stuck at the 400 mark for awhile and I decided to go for a RM instead... Squat went from 400x1 to 385x3! Previous best triple was 375. Super happy I did this program
Daniel Knick
April 25 2016
Having not trained Olympic lifts for almost 10 months now, due to injuries in the lower back and neck, I feel recovered and am interested to return to lifting... this time a bit slower and more methodical. I have a slight curvature in my spine and wear a heel lift to compensate for a leg length discrepancy. Do you have any specific recommendations to avoid future training injuries while continuing to lift safely?
Stay on top of your mobility work and take the workouts by feel. Make sure you are safe before beginning. It might be time to consult a physcian or PT to get an idea of what you need to work on to perform the lifts safely.

Steve Pan
Nicola Schraven
April 26 2016
Does it make sense to break the session in 2 sessions a day?
Because i have about an hour time in tze morning and one in the evening
So if im doing mor ing i would miss the accessory work so i thought break up and doing per exampel floating dl and accessorry in the evening

You may split the workouts up over the day.

Steve Pan
Idan Oknin
April 27 2016
does push press/ over head squat / front squat percentages(%) are of press/ over head squat / front squat?
and power clean/snatch/jerk are from squat clean and split jerk/snach?
if i pr should i base my lift of the new max or the old one?
thenks and sorry if i had spelling mistakes
Exercises will be the % of given exercise unless otherwise specified. Pulls will be % of the associated exercise. Always base % of current PRs not past ones.

Steve Pan
Price Rowland
April 29 2016
In December I injured my SI joint while back squatting, lost about 2 months due to rehab/recovery. Coming back into training, I still have had some SI joint issues (popping/instability) and my back squats felt very weak and unstable. I am happy to report that on Day 6 of the program my back squats felt rock-solid! The core training is a total lifesaver.
Nick Bandini
August 5 2016
Would you suggest using straps for the pulls?
Yes, those will help save your hands.

Alyssa Sulay
Nick Bandini
September 1 2016
Was wondering what program I should go into after this, Im finished after next week with this program. It worked wonders for me, and i want a program that still has a heavy focus on squat and pulling strength, in which I lack. Im 15-16 weeks out from my first meet, thanks
Matthew Ellis
April 18 2017
Just downlaod this program. Looking forward to starting it next week. One question though. Are the snatch and clean and jerk reps tNg?
Matthew - the reps aren't touch and go. You want to make sure you get set before each rep.

Alyssa Sulay
Matthew Ellis
April 18 2017
When it says power clean should we use our clean max percentage or our PC percentage?

thank you for the help
Matthew - You should use your Power Clean percentage. 

Alyssa Sulay
Stephen Sarafin
October 2 2017
Program sucks all numbers have gone down.
Austin Heaton
December 16 2017
Is it possible to do Crossfit workouts while following this program? Nothing leg heavy, but for example workouts that are upper body and running focused
Austin - It may hinder the results of the program by adding in Crossfit workouts following the programming. You can, but it can have an adverse effect on the results. 

Alyssa Sulay
David Carney
January 1 2018
I wish this program and many of the other ones were still free
Samuel Senecal
March 26 2018
hi , its a good program for a crossfiter ?
Samuel - It can be in the long run, but you want to make sure that when you do this program you dont add to it. It will help your overall strength and may supplement your crossfit training, but you may have to only focus on this program for 5 weeks for that to work. I wouldn't suggest adding metcons to the programming here. 

Alyssa Sulay
Ohad Zilberman
December 31 2018
Is this the same program as the "5 week front squat cycle" from your "Olympic weightlifting- a complete guide for athletes & coaches" book?
If not, then what are the differences, and how do i know which of the 2 programs will be better for me?
Ohad - there are slight differences in the programs. It is the same general idea with each one, On one program, somedays will be front squats while in the other they will be back squats. They are similar, so whichever you choose should work as long as you have accurate 1RMs.

Alyssa Sulay
Benjamin Jones
January 1 2019
We only have a horizontal extension bench in our gym. Is that fine for the back extension exercises in this program?

That should be fine! You can also do upper back extensions from the floor.

Alyssa Sulay
Ian Rosario
January 6 2020
It says I have access to all formats, is there something else I need to use it through exercise.com or would I have to purchase it through the app as well
Ian - if you wanted the program through exercise.com, you would have to purchas it directly through that app.

Alyssa Sulay
Steffyn Hunt
February 17 2020
Would it be okay to move the rest day Friday to Thursday and train mon/tues/weds/fri/sat and rest thurs/sun. I will be training at relatively lower loads and not pushing the max out Saturdays too hard as this is my first cycle back from a knee surgery.
Steffyn - Yes, that should work.

Alyssa Sulay
Michael Cabello
April 5 2020
Currently I believe I am having some overuse in my left shoulder with the snatch and jerk and their variants. I am currently able to tolerate variants of the snatch and jerk 1-2 times per week max without excessive pain or instability overhead.

Should I sub in snatch pulls / high pulls, single arm DB power snatches, and single arm DB push presses / jerks for the time being? Are there any specific substitutions you all use in situations like this! Thank you for the help!
Noah Cleur
November 4 2020

Just about to start this cycle. Quick question: Is it okay to add volume in when working up to top sets for the Squats? For example in the BS on day 1 doing 65% x 8, 70% x 8 then 75% x 3 x 5 ?
Thanks in advance!
You can if you really want to, but I wouldn't recommend it. The cycle has plenty of volume outside of squats.

Greg Everett
Camille Grande
December 1 2023
For day 1, hanging leg raises, 30 reps minimum corresponds to total reps ? Or 4x30 minimum ? I know my abs are weak but that seems a lot ahah !
Thanks :)