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This cycle is 12 weeks long, with the first 8 weeks dedicated to leg and pulling strength primarily, using 3 and 2 position snatch/clean, complexes and squat waves. The final 4 weeks will use on the minute work with the competition lifts to peak for max snatch and clean & jerk in week 12. Also has prescribed technique primers daily.

"I PR'd my Snatch at 275#'s, which was a 30# PR for me, and my C&J at 335#'s, which was a 20# PR for me." - Mark F.

"Now i finished week 6 and I PR my clean and jerk by 30 lbs and my snatch by 25lbs which is great - THANK YOU." - Patrick B.

Good For:
  • Squat strength
  • Pulling strength from floor
  • Overhead strength/position
  • Leg explosiveness
  • Jerk drive
  • The percentages that follow an RM are of that day's RM. For example, 5RM; 95%x5, 90%x5 means that you work up to a 5RM, then do 95% of that for 5 reps, and then 90% of it for 5 reps.
  • Rep prescriptions like 1+1+1 provide the rep count for each exercise in the complex in order. For example, Clean + Power Jerk + Jerk - 1+1+1 would be 1 clean then 1 power jerk then 1 jerk for each set.

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Sample Week

Week 1 Day 1 Monday
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Technique Primer: Muscle Snatch + Tall Snatch - 3 x (3+3) (light)
  • 3-Position Snatch (floor, knee, mid-thigh) - RM; 95%, 90% (%of RM)
  • Snatch Pull on Riser - 105%x5, 110%x5, 115%x5
  • Back Squat - 70%x5, 80%x1, 72%x5, 82%x1, 74%x5, 84%x1
  • Back Squat Jump - 20%x3x5 (% of back squat)

Week 1 of 12

This cycle will be 12 weeks, with the first 8 weeks dedicated to leg and pulling strength primarily, using 3 and 2 position snatch/cln and some complexes. The final 4 weeks will use on the minute work with the competition lifts to peak for max snatch/CJ in week 12.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 2 Tuesday
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Technique Primer: Tall Jerk + Push Jerk BNK in Split - 3 x (3+3) (light)
  • Pause Jerk + Jerk - (2+1)RM; 95%, 90% (% of RM)
  • Power Clean - 70%x3x5
  • Push Press BNK - 70%x5x4 (% of push press)

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 3 Wednesday
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Technique Primer: Muscle Clean + Tall Clean - 3 x (3+3) (light)
  • 3-Position Clean - RM; 95%, 90% (% of RM)
  • Clean Pull on Riser - 105%x5, 110%x5, 115%x5
  • Front Squat - 70%x3x4
  • SLDL - 50%x5x3 (% of back squat)

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 4 Thursday
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Technique Primer: Muscle Snatch + Push Jerk in Snatch - 3 x (3+3) (light)
  • Power Snatch - 70%x3x5
  • Power Jerk - 70%x3x5
  • Snatch Push Press + OHS - 70% x (5+1) x 4 (% of OHS or Snatch)
  • Back Squat Jump - 20%x3x5 (% of back squat)

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 5 Friday
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Rest Day

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 6 Saturday
Comments (12)  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

Technique Primer of Choice: 3-4 sets of 2-3 reps
  • Snatch + Snatch Balance + OHS - (1+1+1)RM; 95% x (1+1+1). 90% x (1+1+1)
  • Clean + Power Jerk + Jerk - (1+1+1)RM; 95% x (1+1+1). 90% x (1+1+1)
  • Back Squat - 5RM; 50%x10 (% of RM)
  • Good Morning - 20%x5x3 (% of back squat)

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 7 Sunday
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Rest Day

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.

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September 5 2015
Hey is it possible to modify to four days a week
Yes, but can't promise it will work as well. Get rid of anything you can live without and shift the rest to the other 4 days. Another way do it is to complete all the workouts in sequence but only 4 days each week - so for example, the first workout of week 2 would be workout 5 (the last workout of week 1 as written).

Greg Everett
Joshua Zech
July 22 2015
How can I print this baby off?
There is now a "text only" button on each program, and some of the programs have Excel spreadsheets, so you can print either one.

Greg Everett
Ruben Bramhall
August 31 2015
Just recently got into weight lifting and finished up the Starter Program last week and I struggled to finish the Thursday WOD after work and did not complete the Saturday WOD. I play rugby and we had our first practice/scrimmage this past Saturday. I was beat up from work Thursday and I felt beat up going into the scrimmage Saturday. I would like to continue learning and progressing with my lifts without giving up my conditioning. After looking through the available programs, I settled on this program thinking it would be the best fit for me. I plan to do this program at the prescribed weight so I can get a feel on how it will affect my performance on the field. My biggest concern is that we play on Saturdays so I'm not certain if I should do the lifts before or after the matches or not do the Saturday workout at all, I'm usually dead after a match. I know I won't get the maximum results from this great program by altering it. Thanks for your time.
Philippe MacInnes
July 4 2015
Looking forward to following this program - already enjoying the variety and progression after 2 days. Would this be where I post video for technique critique? Thanks
You can post video on our forum here

Greg Everett
Zach Inskeep
July 24 2015
With this program would it be okay to front squat twice a week instead of once? If so, what day would you recommend along with set and rep scheme.
Replace Saturday's BS with FS, same reps/wt, although doing a set of 10 will be miserable.

Greg Everett
Paul Basaldua
October 11 2015
On 3 position snatch, are we doing one rep and halting at knee, then mid thigh? Or are we doing one snatch from the ground, one from the knee and one from the mid thigh?
Floor, knee, then mid-thigh.

Steve Pan
Marcel Ballin
October 20 2015
Does for example jumping back squat 70%x3x5 mean that I should do 3 reps for 5 sets or 5 reps for 3 sets?
Ben Perlson
October 26 2015
Why won't it let me edit the spreadsheet to put my own numbers in it?
The spreadsheet is working fine on my end. Try saving to your computer before editing and see if that works.

Steve Pan
Tim Graham
October 27 2015
Just started this program yesterday, and I have two questions.

1) On the notes page, in the spreadsheet, is says ab and back work everyday. Why isn't it specifically broken out in the program? What kind of volume/intensity should we be shooting for?

2) I read the page explaining catalyst's rep/set scheme, but I didn't see anything about 3-position lifts. The spreadsheet has RM/95%/90% x3. Is each position a rep, or is it 3 reps of the whole 3-position lift?
1) 3-6 sets of 8-10 for back and abs will be good. You can choose what work to do and the article here can help you make a decision.

2) The spreadsheets are designed to display total volume and each of the reps in a single 3 position clean/snatch need to be counted. RM for this will be just one set of three position cleans/snatches.

Steve Pan
Kyle Castles
October 28 2015
I'm at the end of week 1 and was wondering if its expected in this program for the riser pulls to feel almost impossible? The given percentages are close to being deadlift + shrug, the snatch I'm actually running off of my most recent maximum (115, pr is 120 from before a back injury). The clean pulls are off my recent clean pr (145) and I failed to complete my last set. I'm considering reducing the percentages by ~5% for the clean but may wait until after week 2 to see if I'm just fatigued.
No, they shouldn't be that difficult. Adjust the weights down 5-10%.

Greg Everett
Rhyan Ramirez
November 25 2015
Is the Power Clean 70% 3x5 in day 3 based of my 1RM clean or the RM Power clean for that day??? Thanks in advance. Happy Thabksgiving everyone.
No. It will be 70% of your best for 5 sets of 3. The program will specify when to go to a RM or HS.

Steve Pan
Bob Bobbins
December 5 2015
Aiming to start this in the New Year. I split rather than squat, so what would be my equivalent for Snatch Balance and OHS in the complexes? Was thinking a BNK Sn grip Jerk for the former, but a lunge??? For the latter?
Split Jerk BNK in Snatch grip should be fine for the snatch balances. You may try to do the OHS if you want to get some work to improve the positions.

Steve Pan
Tim Graham
December 11 2015
I made it to half way through week 5, but had to take just over a week off for injury and work travel. Should I restart where I left off, or from the beginning?
You will have to make a judgement call, you can try picking up where you left off and seeing how it goes or it may be time to start over. Make sure you are healthy and are able to continue training without aggrevating the injury.

Steve Pan
Blake Burleson
December 23 2015
Switching from CF and lifting to just lifting for this 12 week cycle. I PR'd my Snatch by 10# (225#) on the Snatch+Sn Balance+OHS at the end of week 2. What's your recommendation for adjusting percentages since I'm still so early in the cycle?
You can take your snatch percentages off of that PR that you set in the complex.

Steve Pan
Scott Dickson
December 27 2015
Hi guys, wondering if when doing the 3 position cleans if I can bring the bar back to the floor between positions? I am finding it tough to hold onto the bar as I bring it down from my shoulders... Especially into the heavier sets
Try to hold on to the bar if possible. The article/video here may offer some help:http://www.catalystathletics.com/article/1709/Lowering-the-Bar-Between-Reps-in-the-Snatch-Clean-and-Jerk/

Steve Pan
Jacob Hilburn
January 4 2016
I am currently on week 11, but I have a meet on what would be the end of week 13. Should I repeat week 11 and do week 12 the week leading into my meet? Any suggestion would help.

It depends on if you are trying to peak for this meet or train through. If you are just training through it should be okay to move to the next cycle. If you are trying to go for numbers in the meet it should be okay to taper for that last week before the meet.

Steve Pan
Alex Armstrong
January 4 2016
Iv just started this and it looks awesome!! But quick question the notation for the complex and the beginning of each day for example the 3 position snatch rm, is one cycle of this counted as 3 reps or is it (floor knee mid thigh) x 3 !??!?

Thanks in advance

One cycle of the 3-position lifts for the 3RM. Each of the positions in a 3-position snatch will count as a rep.

Steve Pan
Samantha Mitchell
January 26 2016
Just looking at the squat cycle for the weeks further on in the programme, what does it mean by front/backsquat
"HS" 90% x 1
95% x 1

Thanks 😀
This will be working up to a Heavy Single in the exercise and following with back off sets of 90% of that HS, and then 95% of that HS.

Heavy singles and weight prescriptions are outlined in the section here.

Steve Pan
Matt Ward
April 6 2016
Just starting this program and have a question:

For instance day 1: has "3-Position Snatch (floor, knee, mid-thigh) - RM; 95%, 90% (%of RM)"

Day 2: Pause Jerk + Jerk - (2+1)RM; 95%, 90% (% of RM)

Am I basing day 1 off my best 3 position snatch so 95 and 90% of 195?

Then for day 2: I have no idea what my double pause jerk +1 jerk is so what am I basing 95 and 90% off?

You will go to the best you can do for the day and then take 95% and 90% of the number you set for the day. This goes for both exercises. On the pause jerk + jerk day you will work up to the best 2+1 you can do and then take the back off sets off the number you get.

Steve Pan
Yasir Mustafa
April 27 2016
On my 4th week which is a deloading week. Am I supposed to go 2 RM and 3RM max as prescribed or go light?
Follow what is prescribed.

Steve Pan
Yasir Mustafa
May 18 2016
On my 7th week. Wrist has been an issue and I have not been able to complete my workouts these week. Should I take rest of the week off and re do the week next week?
Take care of your wrist and see if it improves and you can try to repeat this week next week. Make sure you are good to go before continuing training.

Steve Pan
Quentk Delage
June 29 2016
How often we have to change the 1Rm on first page of spreadsheet? Thanks
You change your max numbers when you beat your previous max. 

Alyssa Sulay
Michael Feda
June 30 2016
For the clean and snatch pulls from the risers (and the floor later on in the cycle), is the percentage based off our training max for the clean and snatch? Or is it based off the RM we complete in the 3 position complex on that specific day?

For example the first week is 105%x5, 110%x5, 115%x5. if a training max is 100 then would we do 105x5, 110x5, and 115x5? Or say I was able to complete 85 for the RM complex on that day, would it be based off that number instead (which would be 89x5, 93x5, 98x5)?

The pulls are based off your training PRs for you Snatch and Clean.

Alyssa Sulay
Martino Scotti
November 17 2016
Sorry guys but the "text only" of all program have the wrong numeration of the weeks..... is always One....
Thanks. Fixed.

Greg Everett
Emily Belanus
January 17 2017
For Week 1 Day 2, it says power cleans at 70%. Does this mean 70% of your clean or of your power clean? Thanks.
It is 70% of your Power Clean. 

Alyssa Sulay
Kamin Shafer
January 18 2017
what is your thought on doing this plan Monday through Friday and taking Saturday and Sunday off?
Kamin - If that is what your schedule allows for, then yes. But if you can take a rest day before the heavy saturday workouts that would be helpful and make you feel fresh for the heavy day. 

Alyssa Sulay
Stanislao Zama
October 4 2017
How much should i rest between sets ?
Stanislao - Rest as much as you need, but try to keep the rest times less than about 2.5 minutes. 

Alyssa Sulay
Stanislao Zama
October 10 2017
Goodevening, how many sets should i indicatively do to reach my RM in an exercise ? Thanks
Iain Barrowman
August 12 2019

For this program which I’m currently on, and future programs. How best can I modify it into 4 days?

I’m a self employed full time university student, and I simply do not have enough time to do 5 sessions a week.

Please help
Please read this and this.

Greg Everett
Christopher Espino
August 23 2019
When it says 5x3, is that 5 sets of 3 reps or 5 reps for 3 sets?
Weight x reps x sets or sets x reps if there's no weight. All of your questiosn will be answered on the help page.

Greg Everett
Oleksii Vlasiuk
April 18 2020
Hey, do I get an access to an app? How exactly do I do it ?
Only some of these programs are available on the Train Heroic app; this one is not. You can see which programs are on TH here.

Greg Everett
Susie Su
February 25 2021
x1x5 OTM Is that means 1rep every minute for 5 sets?

Greg Everett
Elijah McKinney
December 3 2022
About to finish this up and saw a small discrepancy I wanted to share and get clarity on: Week 12 day 79 (Tuesday) shows one thing on the spreadsheet and another on the text version. Spreadsheet says heavy single for clean and jerk but the text version has lighter percentage work for c+j. Thank y’all for all the programs, resources, and weightlifting tips!
Web is correct

Greg Everett
Jester De Ocampo
January 1 2024
If I wanted to add-in some more accessories (unilateral leg exercises, back exercises, etc), where should I add what?