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12-Week Basic Cycle
12 weeks   |   $29   |   Web, Text, Excel, App

This is a 12 week cycle with plenty of squatting, pulling and pressing strength work for the first several weeks. This is a good cycle for fairly well-balanced lifters. The volume and intensity are moderate, so this cycle is good for newer lifters or those who cannot tolerate a lot of volume and intensity.

"Finished up the 12 week basic cycle after about 15 months off from Crossfit with lifetime PRs of +25lb snatch, +35lb clean & jerk plus PRs in, well, everything from strict press to deadlift." -Jeremy J.

"I have just completed your 12 week basic cycle and have improved my competition results from 85/115 in Dec to 93/118 in Apr and 90/121 in June with misses at 95/125." -Paul T.

Good For:
  • Lower volume & intensity tolerance
  • Less experienced lifters
  • This is a relatively "light" training cycle - use it if you don't recover well from more intense, higher volume programs
  • The cycle is good for beginning and intermediate lifters, BUT you may have to adjust the weights, as your 1RMs are likely inaccurate. If certain lifts feel too easy, increase the weight.

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