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Double Day Squats & Heavy Weights
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This is a 12-week cycle (with a first week that acts as a rest or transition week, making it 13 weeks total). You will be squatting heavy every day - often twice a day. It will use weight selections based on feel for most sets. This first week will be a transition week to prepare you for very frequent squatting and heavy lifts. Try completing all workouts without sitting down. Rest only as long as needed. This cycle should only be used by athletes who are conditioned for frequent, heavy lifting - it is not a good beginning program.

"Back squat went from 235-250kg, front squat from 190-217kg, snatch 115-127kg, and clean & jerk from 150-160kg." - Nick H.

"The double day squat program by Greg Everett was the hardest program I've done. But my back squat went from 405 to 485 and my front squat went from 325 to 395." - Ryan K.

"Following the Double-Day squat program in my garage, my front squat went from 315 to 375. My clean and jerk went from a struggling, pressed-out 235 to a solid and easy 286. My snatch went from an ugly power/muscle snatch of only 165 to a snatch of 196." - Brian P.

Volume: Moderate
Intensity: Very High (but adjustable)

Good For:
  • Leg strength
  • Max and near-max classic lift experience
  • More experienced lifters with good training foundations
  • This program does not need to be done in two workouts per day - "double day squats" refers to the two squat sessions per workout. However, it can be split in two if you want.
  • This program can beat you up badly if you're not smart about choosing weights and recovering.
  • Push the weights hard, but generally try to avoid actual failure - this will allow more long term progress and prevent becoming totally destroyed.
  • Each workout, make the goal to beat the best weight you've done to date on that exercise in this program by at least 1kg - do this by setting it up in your warm-up sets, e.g. warm-up with 1-2 kg more on each set than you did on the day you're trying to beat. Don't keep warming up with identical weights and continually do the exact same weight each day.
  • %s that follow HS or RM are of that HS or RM; e.g., HS; 80%x1x2 means you work up to a heavy single, then do 2 singles with 80% of that heavy single

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