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6 Week Back Squat Emphasis Prep Cycle

6 weeks   |   $20   |   Web, Text, Excel, App

This is a 6-week preparatory cycle that emphasizes back squat improvement and tests a max back squat on week 6. This program is intended to improve and test the squat. It does NOT finish with a snatch and clean & jerk peak, although you will still get plenty of snatch and CJ work and many people do improve significantly in these lifts as well as the squat.

Good For:
  • Leg strength (especially back squat specifically)

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Antonio Felten
January 9 2016
are the % at day 20 for example taken from the old 1 rm or do i have to test a new one at a sertain point?
You will always go off of your current 1rm. You will test when the program calls for it.

Steve Pan
Hung Nguyen
March 9 2017
Is it too much for me to add a heavy rack pull or front rack hold on Saturdays?
Rack support would be fine; I would not do any heavy pulling.

Greg Everett