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3-Phase Cycle

18 weeks   |   $25   |   Web, Text, Excel

This is an 18-week program that runs through 3 distinct phases: the first emphasizes squatting and pushing strength; the second emphasizes pulling strength; and the final emphasizes classic lift performance, finishing with a peak for max snatch and clean & jerk attempts.

Good For:
  • Intermediate to advanced lifters
  • Lifters without accurate 1RMs
  • Overhead and squat strength
  • This is a tough program, and is not suitable for beginning lifters.
  • Conditioning work at the end of some workouts is optional

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Joey Paladino
December 6 2015
Just wanted to take the time to write a review of this great program...

Im the owner of Crossfit Pace Patriot Pride and head coach of the CF3P Barbell team. We used this program to prepare us for the FL State Championship. I have a youth team consisting of one 10 y/o 31kg, one 14y/o 44kg, and two 69+kg 13 y/os who all seen more than 5kg PRs after completing this program.

easy to follow
hard work

thank you for providing the instruction!
Tyler Lofgren
January 11 2018
If we hit a new PR at any point in the program should we update our maxes?
Tyler - Yes, you would update your maxes, and take the prescribed % off you new maxes. 

Alyssa Sulay