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4-Week Competition Lift Block

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This is a 4-week block with a transition week to start that focuses on snatch and clean & jerk performance.

Good For: Use after a more strength-focused program to get ready for a competition or snatch and clean & jerk testing.

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Jonathan Huskey
February 26 2018
Question on the front squats on Week 2 Monday and Wednesday and Week 3 Tuesday and Thursday. Is that really just a single at 70% and 75%? Work up to one single at that percentage?
Jonathan - Yes, since this is an emphasis on heavy clean and jerk and snatches, the main focus will be on the classic lifts—rather than squats. 

Alyssa Sulay
Katie Boucher
September 26 2019
For the heavy singles each week, should they be increasing each day? Or week?
Katie - Ideally, yet.

Alyssa Sulay