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Basic Strength Cycle

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This is a basic strength-emphasis phase to push squat, pull and pressing strength while still getting regular exposure to the classic lifts, and testing the snatch and clean & jerk at the end.

Notes: Accessory work can be done as written for some conditioning, or at a normal pace if you're not interested in conditioning.

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Balal Jabbar
April 20 2016
Hey Greg, should i also add AB and back work to this cycle, or just Go with the program. I see there is some AB and back work all ready.
You can add ab and back work on the days that don't have prescribed work.

Steve Pan
Ryan Carver
May 23 2017
Hi Greg, what movement should the percentages be based on for the Snatch Push Presses? For example, Week 1-Day 3 Snatch Push Press - 73% x 5 x 5. Is this 73% of a 1RM Snatch Push Press? Or is this 73% of another movement like Overhead Squat or similar? thanks-
Ryan- you can base the percentages off your OHS max. 

Alyssa Sulay
Nicole Feliciano
August 12 2019
Hey Greg, what if i missed heavy single day, should i skip it all together and start mondays work or try and complete those lifts?
Nicole - I would move on to Monday's workout.

Alyssa Sulay
Marco Drews
October 13 2019
Hey Greg,
is this recommended to lifters who finished your starter program?
Marco - This would be a good program after the starter program.

Alyssa Sulay
Benjamin Evans
November 4 2019
what should the rest be between sets roughly on all lifts
Benjamin - 1.5 - 2 minutes.

Alyssa Sulay
Sean Coe
November 25 2019
Hello, I don’t have a row machine, climbing rope or sand bag.

Looks like I can replace the row with a jump rope and would a gada/mace or KB be a good replacement for sandbags?

And what about the climbing rope?

Thank you
You can sub a KB for sandbag, and do rope pull-ups for rope climbs.

Greg Everett
KJ Phipps
January 16 2020
About what rpe should the squat single be?
9 - 9.8... As heavy as possible without failing.

Greg Everett