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Snatch Shrug

AKA High-hang snatch pull
The snatch shrug is a snatch pull variation that involves only the final vertical extension of the movement.
With a snatch grip, take the bar from high blocks or stands and start in a fully standing position. Dip at the knees and drive against the ground with the legs, extending the body vertically and shrugging the bar up as the legs finish extending. The goal is to extend the body maximally and vertically. Actively keep the bar against the body throughout the movement.
Generally the snatch shrug is performed primarily with movement at the knees, with the trunk remaining essentially vertical throughout. However, some minimal inclination of the trunk is acceptable, although in the hang position, the bar should remain very high on the thighs.  
The snatch shrug is useful for training the final aggressive extension of the legs in the pull of the snatch. It can also serve as a pull variation that taxes the lifter less than a full pull to be used to reduce the loading on an athlete during periods of recovery.
Generally the snatch shrug should be done for 3-6 reps with anywhere from 90-120% of the lifter’s best snatch, although this range can be exceeded where appropriate. It should usually be performed after primary and speed-oriented lifts like the classic lifts or variants, and before pure strength work like squats. However, it can also be performed at the end of workouts because of its relatively limited requirement of speed and precision.
The snatch shrug can be performed directly from blocks or stands if they’re high enough, but rarely are blocks of this height available.

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June 9 2015
So Im pretty new to weightlifting and i always hear that the triple extension comes first before a break in the elbows but what about the shoulders regarding the shrug? Does it come after the triple extension or at the same time?