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Farmer Carry
AKA Farmer Walk

The farmer carry combines grip work and loading of the trunk, hips and legs to build strength and stability throughout the trunk and hips.
Holding weighted implements in both hands, actively maintain whole trunk tension and a strong upright posture as you walk for the prescribed distance or time.
The farmer carry creates significant demands on trunk and hip stability and improves the ability to maintain strong posture under load while contending with motion, along with training grip strength and stamina.
3-5 sets of 25-100 meters is typically appropriate, but programming should be adjusted to match need and goals, which can vary broadly. It can be done as a standalone exercise, or combined with other exercises in conditioning circuits.
The farmer carry can be done at speeds from walking to running, backward, with weight only on one side, with unequal loads, with fingertip or pinch grips, and up or down hill; the implements can be carried continuously for as long as possible, or intentionally set down and lifted again at prescribed intervals. Implements can vary broadly, from farmer handles (using handle or axle), kettlebells, dumbbells, loaded buckets, sandbags, barbells, plates and more.

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