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Topside Half Moon

The topside half moon is an abbreviated variation of the half moin that’s a simple way to train several aspects of the trunk and hips.
Stand with feet about shoulder width apart with a plate or similar held in both hands. Bring the weight to the outside of one knee. Lift the weight out and up overhead and down to the outside of the other knee, bending at the knees and hips slightly as you lower to the starting position. The wider the arc, the more difficult it will be.
The topside half moon strengthens the trunk in odd positions and motions to help protect it from injury when exposed to unintentional losses of posture or position. The limited range of motion relative to the half moon makes it more accessible for less mobile athletes or those who need to limit the work on the back.
3-4 sets of 5-10 reps to each side at the end of a training session when the back will no longer need to support significant loading is a good prescription.
The motion can be slowed down and paused at each side to make it more difficult.

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