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Stage Snatch Pull

The stage snatch pull is a variation of the snatch pull in which the bar is lifted to progressively higher positions with each rep in the set.  
Perform a snatch pull to the first position and return to the floor and reset the start position. Repeat this for each partial position, and on the final rep, perform a snatch pull from the floor.
The stage snatch pull can be used as a technique exercise to help train and reinforce proper positions and movement in the pull of the snatch, and as a pull variation to further strengthen earlier phases of the pull.
Generally the stage snatch pull can be programmed in the same way the snatch pull would be, using the reps to each position as the total reps in the set (e.g. pull to 1”, knee, upper thigh and then a pull would be 4 reps). More reps can typically be prescribed at a given weight relative to the snatch pull because of the abbreviated movement, but rep counts should not become excessive.
The stage snatch pull can be performed with any number and heights of partial pulls first, standing on a riser, with either a static start or dynamic start, with or without straps, maintaining flat feet, and with prescribed concentric and/or eccentric speeds. Slower eccentric speeds in particular will increase the strengthening of pulling posture and back arch strength.

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