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Block Snatch High-Pull

AKA Snatch high-pull from blocks, snatch high-pull off blocks
The block snatch high-pull is an abbreviated snatch high-pull.
The block snatch high-pull should be performed identically to the snatch high-pull except that the bar begins resting on blocks instead of the floor. The most common block heights are knee and below the knee.
The block snatch high-pull is a way to train the final extension and upper body movement of the snatch high-pull with reduced fatigue and overall training load on the athlete, or to give the legs and back a break during periods of very heavy training or when needing to reduce loading for recovery purposes. It can also be used as a way to emphasize upper body strength development.  
The block snatch high-pull would be used for essentially the same reasons as the snatch high-pull, but would be substituted if there is a need for reducing the load on the legs and back, or reducing the overall training load during a recovery period. It may also be used as more of an upper body strengthening exercise by reducing the contribution of the lower body. Use 3-5 reps per set, typically around 75-90% of the lifter’s best snatch.
The block snatch high-pull can be performed from blocks of any height. To add grip strengthening to the exercise, it can be performed without straps. 

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