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Barski Snatch

The Barksi snatch, named for Bob Bednarksi, is simply a high-hang snatch triple performed without using straps.
Perform 3 consecutive high-hang snatches without using straps and without setting the bar down between reps.
Not all coaches and athletes agree what constitutes “high hang”. Typically this is a bar starting height above mid-thigh, but it may or may not involve a forward lean of the torso (i.e. it may be a bend at the knees only or nearly so). Clarify before performing.
This exercise is a great snatch grip strength developer, and will also help in improving the aggressiveness and completeness of the final extension of the snatch, as well as the turnover.
The Barksi snatch would be used as a secondary exercise, either on lighter training days or as a lighter exercise in addition to heavier snatch training.
The Barksi snatch can be performed with fewer or more reps as appropriate, or as power snatches, or even without the hook grip for even greater grip work.

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