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Glute-Ham Raise

The glute-ham raise strengthens and develops stamina in the hamstrings, glutes and back.
Fix the ankles in a glute-ham bench adjusted to place the fulcrum or pad on the thighs. For the basic strict GHR, begin with the back extended and the body hanging down close to vertically. Contract the hamstrings and glutes to extend the hips and gthen bend the knees to bring the body into a vertical position, then lower again under control.
The movement can also be performed by starting with the body extended horizontally for more hamstring emphasis and less momentum contributing to the movement. Additionally, the back can begin relaxed and then extended as part of the movement.
Technically, this execution is combined back and hip extension. Back extension can be isolated by fixing the hips in place and flexing and extending only along the spine. This can be assisted by relocating the fulcrum or pad of the bench closer to the hips.
The glute-ham raise back improves hamstring, glute and back strength and/or stamina depending on the repetition range and resistance used.
Glute-ham raises can be performed in sets of 6-30, with the lower rep range better for strength and the higher range better for stamina.
The speed of the movement can be change—slow eccentrics or a lot of speed initially to generate more momentum. Weight can be added by holding an implement or using an elastic band over the back of the neck. Back extension can be added as well by beginning with the back relaxed rather than already extended. Finally, the upper back can be held in a rounded position to further emphasize hamstring contraction.
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