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Losing Grip on Clean Turnover, Incomplete Hip Extension, Squat Strength & Height-Weight Ratio
Episode 13 | January 3 2017

How to avoid the grip slipping in the clean turnover, how to correct a failure to completely extend the hips in the snatch and clean, addressing lagging squat strength, and finding the ideal height to weight ratio. This podcast is supported by Hea...

The American Open, Competition Strategy & Hand Care
Episode 12 | December 20 2016

A quick look at the 2016 American Open, a discussion of competition strategy and coaching, and hand care. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company that celebrates weightlifters and other health conscious people. Visit healt...

Jumping Backward, Hip Cleaning & Snatch and CJ Frequency for Beginners
Episode 11 | December 6 2016

Jumping backward in the snatch or clean, why it's happening, if it's a problem, and how to correct it; hip cleaning and why you shouldn't; how often beginners should snatch and clean & jerk; and how well-endowed women can avoid hittin...

Hips Shooting Up, Knees Out vs Knees Back, Weightlifting Shoes & Coaching vs Lifting
Episode 10 | November 22 2016

Causes and solutions to the problem of the hips rising faster than the shoulders in the pull, whether the knees should be pushed out or pushed back in the pull, why weightlifting shoes are necessary, and how to balance being a coach and an athlete....

Pulling Under the Snatch & Clean, Training with Limited Time & Recovery Methods
Episode 9 | November 8 2016

Greg & Ursula discuss how to improve speed under the snatch and clean, programming suggestions for training with very limited time, and recovery methods. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company that celebrates weightli...

Jerk Drive Speed, Staying Over the Bar & Torso Position in the 3rd Pull
Episode 8 | October 25 2016

Greg & Ursula give advice for improving the speed of the drive in the jerk, as well as peripheral issues that may contribute such as timing and the ability to brake in the dip, how to stay over the bar correctly while maintaining balance in the p...

Barbell-Hip Contact, Complexes & Overhead Squat Mobility
Episode 7 | October 11 2016

The issue of barbell contact with the hips in the snatch is tackled once more, and Greg & Ursula discuss the use and purposes of complexes, and mobility in the overhead squat....

Clean & Front Squat Gap, Heels & Balance in the Pull & Pulling Early
Episode 6 | September 27 2016

Questions this episode cover include how to close the gap between the clean and front squat, proper balance in the pull and the problems with shifting excessively to the heels, and correcting a premature second pull in the snatch or clean....

Running a Weightlifting Club & Learning as a New Coach
Episode 5 | September 13 2016

Greg & Ursula discuss issues regarding starting and running a weightlifting club and team, including how to attract the right kind of lifter, and how new coaches can learn and improve....

Dizziness, Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Accessory Work & Squat Depth
Episode 4 | August 30 2016

Your favorite podcasters are extra surly in this episode, answering questions about dizziness and passing out during lifts, using powerlifting and bodybuilding accessory work in weightlifters' training programs, the proper depth for training squa...
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