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Secrets of the ME Black Box DVD


If you lack absolute and/or relative strength then most of the CrossFit workouts are not attainable. You are stuck with scaling the workout of the day (WOD).

The athletes who perform the best on CrossFit benchmark workouts are those who bring the best strength to weight ratio. The M.E.B.B. is the the first and most popular means by which effort lifting has been blended with CrossFit mixed mode training.

This DVD will walk you step by step through the proper implementation of the MAX EFFORT BLACK BOX (M.E.B.B.) details taking you beyond the written word. You will learn:

Exercise movement pools
Support exercises
Daily template order
Considerations for integrating CrossFit training
Selecting the best template for your needs
Frequently asked questions.

This program has been field tested on over several hundred athletes since 2005. There are multiple ways to implement this concept with your passion for CrossFit training.

The methodology is applicable for a wide variety of fitness enthusiast ranging form the competitive athlete to the busy executive.

In addition, each order will receive 3, 4 and 5-day/week M.E.B.B. template training trackers and subsequent updates at no additional charge. (These templates run on MS Excel which is NOT included)

Training Templates

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