Episode 25
IOC Ultimatum, Best Overhead Stability Exercises, Elbows Rebending Overhead
June 20 2017
Discussion of the IOC's decision to reduce the number of weightlifters in the Olympics and the doping problem, the best overhead stability exercises for the snatch and jerk, and how to fix the elbows rebending after receiving the snatch or jerk.

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Peter Russell 2017-06-21
We are still listening, keep going:)
Randy Long, Reality Workouts 2017-06-22
One other movement I have found helpful for overhead shoulder stability is Gironda Presses, originated by bodybuilding guru Vince Gironda. It's basically a two dumbbell alternating DB Press, where you start with both DBs overhead, then lower one while the other stays up, alternating arms each rep. Sets of 5-8 reps works well. Similar in function to the the overhead DB support walk, but more dynamic since it involves a press in addition to the overhead support.
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