CrossFit Warrenton

32 S. Second Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
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About CrossFit Warrenton

Where is your gym and how did it come about?
We are located in downtown Warrenton, VA.  We started the gym as the natural progression for our athletes who started with us when we did their speed and conditioning work for their college teams, and that lead our CrossFit affiliation.  Naturally, we then branched into Olympic lifting, and to get better we went the Catalyst route.
Tell us about your Catalyst certified coaches.
Justin Willis is currently the only Catalyst certified coach, 3 of the other trainers at the gym are USA Weightlifting certified.  Justin was a walk-on at WVU for baseball back in the early 2000s, but transferred out for personal reasons 2 years later.  He eventually became a Speed and Conditioning coach with Explosive Performance in Herndon, VA and began developing his craft and passion for coaching.
Why did you choose to go with Catalyst Affiliate?
We chose to go with Catalyst due to their expansive knowledge base, and ease in implenting training programs for our athete's with different ability levels.  The best part about Catalyst is how they understand no 1 program works for everyone.
Tell us about your layout and your equipment.
Our facility is split into 3 bays with our 3rd bay being our dedicated Olympic training room.  It houses 5 platforms and our jerk/pull boxes.  We also have 3 platforms we can place in the other 2 bays whenever we need to.  We have 2-15KG and 2-20KG Olympic Needle bearing competition bars, and 3-15KG and 3-20KG needle bearing training bars.  We have 2 full sets of KG plates up to 250KG each, and over 5000lbs of weights in pounds.
What kind of programming do you use?
Each of our athletes has a program designed for them, that was based off one of the templates that can be currently found on Catalyst' website. 
What are the days and hours that are currently available?
Anytime we have a class going on at our facility, the equipment can be used.  That is the nice benefit of having different bays, where we can technically close one off, to not disturb those in another.
Any special rituals or rules that are specific to your club?
No whining, leave your ego at the door, and there is no try... do or do not.
What makes your club special from others?
We strive to be on the cutting edge of the best ideas, and equipment out there, so we are never satisfied.  To be competitive you have to keep an open mind, and be willing to change your ways to better match your environment and athletes.
If you could invite one lifter to come train with you who and why?
Greg Everett, or Aimee.  Their many years of training are more than enough for me to pick up a ton of tips, pointers, help, etc...
Where can people follow you on social media?
On our facebook account CrossFit Warrenton.  I am a little behind the times and am just now getting into the whole twitter/instagram thing.  Wish one of my trainers would take that one over for me.
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