Oly Concepts*

Coach: Daniel Camargo

1010 Bunnel Road #1105
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
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About Oly Concepts

Where is your gym and how did it come about?
Located in Altamonte Springs, FL (the Orlando area): 925 Sunshine Lane, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. We came about because my background is Olympic Weightlifting and I got into CrossFit after 8 years of coaching. For me, it was a quick and easy marriage. In 2009, I opened my current facility that included CrossFit with an emphasis on Olympic Weightlifting. I moved my entire Weightlifting Club from a local high school (where my program began) into my facility
Tell us about your Catalyst certified coaches.
I am currently the only Catalyst Certified Coach in my facility, however all my coaches have certifications through other entities, mainly USA Weightlifting
Why did you choose to go with Catalyst Affiliate?
I chose Catalyst for one main reason: I agree with many of their philosophies
Tell us about your layout and your equipment.
I have 6,000 sq ft. with 12 platforms, each with their own full set of equipment. It takes up approximately 2,000 sq ft. The other end of the gym, the remaining 4,000 sq ft is our general fitness and metabolic conditioning area
What kind of programming do you use?
I program my own athletes and everyone in the gym follows one of my templates I put out for them. I will individualize on a case by case basis and as needed for those who may need more attention in one area. My program is heavily influenced by my former Coach, Dragomir Crioslan, a two-time Romanian Olympian.
What are the days and hours that are currently available?
We run classes and training times Monday-Friday, 6am-8am, 9am-11am, then 4pm-8pm. Saturdays are 9am-12pm
Any special rituals or rules that are specific to your club?
I wouldn't have anything special other than I am a traditionalist of sorts. We believe in proper Weightlifting Etiquette such as not walking in front of a lifter, no disruptive noise or chatter when someone is taking heavy lifts, and sharing equipment without restrictions. Certainly, the mood of the gym is competitive because we always have several members heading to one tournament or another.
What makes your club special from others?
Our club may be different from others in that we have every age division represented within the team. We have many Youth lifters, a bunch of Juniors, several Collegiate and Senior lifters, and over the last few years acquired a few Masters lifters. This wide range I think is attributed to the many years our program has existed in our area. I started my program in 2000, 15 years ago.
If you could invite one lifter to come train with you who and why?
Well my dream would have been Stefan Botev as I feel he was an amazing lifter. If we're speaking more current, without a doubt, I would love to have Luis Mosqueda from Colombia. The kid is a Jr. lifter in the 69kg Class with a 152kg Snatch and a 180kg C+J that I saw live at the Jr. Pan American Championships in May of 2015. He's not only producing big numbers but is humble, appreciative, fast, stable, and has a professional platform presence
Where can people follow you on social media?
Instagram: @altamontecf OR @camargo_oly
Facebook: Altamonte Crossfit OR Camargo Oly Concepts
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