NorCal Strength & Conditioning

629 Entler Ave #17
Chico, CA 95928
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About NorCal Strength & Conditioning

Where is your gym and how did it come about? 
NorCal Strength & Conditioning, located in Chico, CA, was started by Robb Wolf, his lovely wife Nicki Violetti, and I heard a rumor that this guy Greg Everett was involved- back in 2004. We started out as CrossFit NorCal, the 4th CrossFit affiliate in the world, but have since de-affiliated to pursue a slightly different approach to how we structure our training with exercise progressions in place of scaling, and periodization with some good old repetition in place of randomization. We also have classes for 5 different skill levels (intro, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and competition) as well as separate gymnastic strength training and Olympic weightlifting classes. 
Tell us about your Catalyst certified coaches.
Grayson and Sarah Strange attended Catalyst’s advanced weightlifting seminar in 2013 as CrossFit gym owners from Denver, Co and have since moved out to Chico to be a part of the team at NorCal Strength & Conditioning. Grayson is a long-time devotee to strength training and a former cheerleader for the Denver nuggets. Sarah made her way to Olympic weightlifting as a former ballerina with a detour through Pilates and CrossFit. Olympic weightlifting has been their sport of choice for the past 5 years. 
Why did you choose to go with Catalyst Affiliate?
Hands down, Catalyst has the most accessible and thorough instructional material available on weightlifting in the US. Greg has really built an online educational oasis for all of us without access to regular, high caliber coaching. The free access to numerous training cycles on their website has also been really helpful. We have learned so much from him and the Catalyst weightlifting team. Grayson and I make the journey to Olymecca in Sunnyvale as often as we can. 
Tell us about your layout and your equipment.
We are a 6000 sq ft strength and conditioning facility with a dedicated Oly area containing 5 platforms and Werksan equipment.
What kind of programming do you use?
We typically program with a little lower volume, maxing at the end of 8 week cycles, as all of our athletes lift along side their regular strength and conditioning programming. They are getting their strength lifts in the other programs so we mostly focus on the lifts, pulls, and technique work that can be pulled off in an hour class a few times a week. 
What are the days and hours that are currently available?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 4:30
Any special rituals or rules that are specific to your club?
None that I’ve really had to enforce! Respect the equipment and other lifters is really the bottom line. I don’t care if people step over their bars or anything that involved. I do take issue with chalk laziness.
What makes your club special from others?
We emphasize technical quality with flexible programming for all walks of life from busy athletes/fitness folk, to hardworking moms and dads, all in a fun and supportive atmosphere. 
If you could invite one lifter to come train with you who and why?
I’ll take any Russian. The ex-ballerina in me knows how hardcore they can train (Russians have a phenomenal ballet culture) and their attention to technique is something I really admire, in both sports. My favorite lifters and dancers are Russian. 
Where can people follow you on social media?
Facebook – Nor Cal S&C
Facebook – Nor Cal Method
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