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Performance Therapy Ireland, Unit 16, Kinsealy Business Park, Kinsealy Lane
Kinsealy, Dublin
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About Performance Therapy Ireland

Where is your gym and how did it come about?
Performance Therapy Ireland is located in Kinsealy, County Dublin, Ireland.
We were Ireland's first Catalyst Athletics weightlifting affiliate gym and Ireland's 4th CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit North Dublin.
The gym came about after I worked for 8 years as a personal trainer for 3 different businesses and decided I wanted to open my own facility. I travelled to California with another personal trainer friend of mine, John Belton, in January 2010.
We visited CrossFit affiliates and weightlifting gyms over 3 weeks of driving up and down California. Catalyst Athletics left the most lasting impression on me after we trained there for two days and spoke with Greg, Aimee and Steve. I had been following Catalyst for at least 12 months before we went over to California but after I trained there and met the coaches in person it made my mind up to stay in touch and keep following them. The coaches, their gym set up, the programming, the training videos and their passion for weightlifting was everything I wanted in a facility.
After I got back to Ireland I spent the next 11 months planning the set up of my own gym and putting plans in place to open in January 2011.
Tell us about your Catalyst certified coaches.
We have 3 full time coaches working in the gym:
1. Stephen Weinmann: 
I am the owner and head coach of PTI. I am also a physical therapist qualified under the Irish physical therapy association. 
My athletic back ground:
·   represented Malahide United in soccer from 7 years old to 21 years old.
·   represented my school and club in Golf from 15-18 years.
·   competed in triathlon from 21-23 years ranking 4th in ireland in my age group.
·   competed in Crossfit competitions and unofficial weightlifting meets in Crossfit gyms from 25 years onwards.
I aim to compete in some provincial Irish weightlifting meets now that my facility has 2 other staff and has given me more time to focus on my own training and work more on the development of the business. 
You can see my own training blog here
·   I am a Catalyst Athletics level one coach.
·   I hold OPT (OPEX) CCP certificates in Assessment, Programme design, Lifestyle coaching and Nutrition.
·   I also hold the Irish national certificates in exercise and personal training from the NCEF.
I am a level one CrossFit coach and have also attended specialty Certs of:
·   Coach Burgeners CrossFit weightlifting level one
·   Jeff Martone's CrossFit Kettlebell level one
·   Brian McKenzie's CrossFit endurance course
Other courses and seminars I have attended include:
·   Robb Wolf Paleo nutrition 
·   Mark Rippetoe starting strength
·   Ben Bergerons business of excellence 
·   Max El-Hag's Training Think Tank Seminar
2. Deaglan Crowe:
Deaglan is gym manager and Strength&Conditioning coach in PTI. Deaglan has played Gaelic Football, Hurling, athletics and basketball with Ulster, Monaghan and the University of Limerick. He studied sport and exercise science at University of Limerick. He has worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years in both Ireland and Australia.
Qualifications he holds are:
·   Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science
·   Postgraduate in Education
·   Catalyst Athletics level one coach
·   CrossFit level one
·   CrossFit weightlifting level one
·   CrossFit Kettlebell level one
·   National coaching and games development certificate.
·   Max El-Hag's Training Think Tank Seminar
3. Ursula Macken:
Ursula is a Strength&Conditioning coach and massage therapist in PTI. Ursula studied with Elite Fitness&Performance Academy in Blackrock, Dublin.
Qualifications she holds are:
·   Catalyst Athletics level one coach
·   CrossFit weightlifting level one
·   CrossFit Kettlebell level one course
·   EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer
·   EQF Level 3 Fitness instructor.
·   Holistic massage, hot stone massage, Indian head massage
·   Max El-Hag's Training Think Tank Seminar
Why did you choose to go with Catalyst Affiliate?
I chose to affiliate with Catalyst Athletics as I have been following them since 2009 watching their videos, reading their books and studying their programming. Catalyst has always been the kind of facility I wanted to grow our gym into so it made perfect sense to affiliate and gain a stronger connection with them.
Tell us about your layout and your equipment.
Facility equipment:
We have a 3000 square foot facility with 2200 square feet of training space. We also have a physical therapy room, changing rooms and showers upstairs.
We have 8 platforms with fixed squat racks and another 3 moveable squat racks. 
We also have steel adjustable jerk boxes.
We have 12 men's York and Pendlay weightlifting bars.
We have 6 ladies York and Pendlay weightlifting bars.
We have 3 7kg York technique bars.
We have sets of 2.5kg and 5kg technique plates.
We have York, Jordan and again faster bumper plates.
We have 2 sets of our own branded competition bumper plates with collars.
We have multiple sets of fractional plates as well as steel York powerlifting plates.
We also have enough pull ups bars, dip stations and rings for 16-20 people to use simultaneously. 
We have dumbbells from 2kg up to 50kg.
We have assorted medicine balls and kettlebells.
We have 6 concept2 rowers and 2 airdynes.
We also have sleds, prowlers and Plyometric boxes.
What kind of programming do you use?
To my knowledge we are different to the majority of other Crossfit affiliates in Ireland as we offer 7 different themes of programmes based off of the individuals goals and needs after they join and come through our fundamentals programme. My main influences for the range of programming we offer in the gym would be Greg Everett, James Fitzgerald, Max El Hag and John Welbourne.
The 7 different programmes we offer to our members are:
1. Senior strength&mobility: a programme I designed using my physical therapy background to help people of my parents age (55+) to work on mobility, posture and general fitness. This is a 2 day a week programme.
2. Strength&conditioning: a general strength&conditioning programme for members who don't wish to take part in a crossfit programme or a weightlifting only programme either. We still incorporate some of the lifts into this programme like the power jerk, the power clean and power snatch. We generally follow these exercises with squats, Deadlifts or other strength exercises before accessory movements and simple, low complexity conditioning work or core work. This is a 4 day programme.
3. Fitness: this is a low complexity, beginner programme focused on restoring function and mobility with beginners. There is no Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics or high intensity conditioning work in this programme. We generally focus on the basics of squatting, push, pull, bending and core work with shirt burst conditioning and low level, aerobic interval work. This is a 3-4 day per week programme.
4. Performance: this is a middle of the road, crossfit programme aimed at the recreational CrossFitter looking to increase fitness levels whilst learning the Olympic lifts and some basic gymnastics. Conditioning is higher stress than the fitness programme but is generally quite balanced in its weekly stresses. This is a 3-5 day per week programme.
5. Competition: this is a higher level crossfit programme aimed at members looking to either compete at crossfit or experience the programming that is necessary to compete at crossfit. Everything from the Olympic lifts to higher level gymnastic skills to higher stress metcons are in this programme. We generally work off 6-8 week blocks for training cycles. This is a 4-5 day programme.
6. Weightlifting: our weightlifting programme has generally always been based off of the catalyst athletics philosophy and programmes that I have followed online since meeting Greg, Aimee and Steve in January 2010. I have used some of Coach Burgeners teaching methods as well over the last 3 years having spent some time with him on 3 different occasions. We have a large participation especially in our Saturday weightlifting groups. This is generally our most popular group session each week. The weightlifting programme is a 4-5 day per week programme. 
7. Body comp: this is a programme primarily focused on helping members with their body composition and increasing general fitness.
What are the days and hours that are currently available?
The gym is open 7 days a week. We run 5-6 group training sessions a day Monday to Friday. 3 sessions on a Saturday and 2 sessions on a Sunday.
Any special rituals or rules that are specific to your club?
We have no specific rules or rituals other than we encourage all members to train alongside each other regardless of the programme they are in or the experience they have. We have brand new CrossFit members training beside a weightlifter who is here with us 3 years prepping for a meet training beside a body comp member looking to just get in better shape. We promote a strong welcoming and friendly community at all times.
One ritual you might say we have is awarding the best lifter of the day in our Saturday weightlifting squad session with the 'PTI Weightlifting Championship belt'. It has become quite a sought after award every Saturday now. Catalyst coach Steve Pan even won it with a 171kg PR clean&jerk when he was here for the CA level one seminar in April just gone.
What makes your club special from others?
Like I said above, with 7 different themed programmes on offer in a group setting I think it sets us apart from most other facilities. Offering client centred programming over workout centred programming for our members is something I have always strived for. 
If you could invite one lifter to come train with you who and why?
Ilya ilyin would be my number one choice. As a 2 time Olympic champion and 4 time world champion and pushing for a third Olympic gold in Rio he would be the weightlifter I would love to train with in PTI. He would be inspiring to train alongside and also always seems like he's really enjoying himself in his training videos so I'm sure it would be good craic as well!
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