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Catalyst Athletics is a USA Weightlifting team that has won multiple national team medals and whose lifters have won multiple individual national medals, including two national champions. The team is comprised of both men and women and coached by Greg Everett.

If you're interested in lifting for our team, please contact us.

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Help Support Our Lifters

Our top lifters have to work full time jobs to support themselves while also training full time. Your donations help them pay for travel and competition expenses, medical treatment, nutrition and more. Any amount helps!

See lifter list below for donation buttons. Your donation goes directly to the athlete.

National Team Members

Alyssa Sulay
Alyssa Sulay 63 kg
National Championships snatch bronze medalist, National Championships and American Open competitor

Jess Lucero
Jess Lucero 58 kg
2015 World Team member, National Champion, National Championships bronze medalist, American Open silver medalist, American Open bronze medalist, Junior Pan Am bronze medalist, former Olympic Training Center resident

Chelsea Ryan
Chelsea Ryan 69 kg
National Championships competitor

Jocelyn Forest Haynes
Jocelyn Haynes 63 kg
American Open silver medalist, National Championships and American Open competitor

Blake Barnes
Blake Barnes 69 kg
National Championships and American Open competitor

Jes Liao
Jes Liao 48 kg
National Championships and American Open competitor

Brian Wilhelm
Brian Wilhelm 105+ kg
2-time National Championships silver medalist, American Open silver medalist

Danielle Welihozkiy
Danielle Welihozkiy 53 kg
American Open gold medalist, Collegiate National Champion, 2-time National Championship bronze medalist.

Kara Doherty
Kara Doherty 75 kg
4-time Canadian National Champion

Tamara Solari
Tamara Solari 75+ kg
National Championships bronze medalist, 2-time American Open silver medalist

Aimee Everett
Aimee Everett 69 kg
National Champion, American Open silver medalist, Masters National Champion and American Record Holder, former Olympic Training Center resident
Greg Everett
Greg Everett 105 kg
Head coach, National Championships and American Open competitor, Masters national champion and American record holder
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